What? No Mustard?

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p>Posh boy and British Prime Minister David (Just call me Dave) Cameron indulged in somestreet food on his visit to the US and A last week. Cameron likes to pass himself off as a man of the people despite his Eton and Oxbridge background but the “small people” tend to put mustard on their hot dogs. I asked my favorite Lucky Dog vendor, Harold, what he thought about this and he said: “Well, at least it’s not ketchup. That belongs on burgers, not dogs.”

There you have it: Cameron. Hot Dog. Fail.

19 thoughts on “What? No Mustard?

  1. Well, if you’ve ever tried any English mustard you’d be wary even if it had the name “French’s” on it.
    Our first time driving that side of the pond, we stopped at a village and picked up the makings for some ham sandwiches: bread, meat, mayo, mustard. We innocently squeezed some of the yellow stuff on the sandwiches and our first bite made our heads feel like a deep-water oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico.
    Harold’s wrong about the ketchup, though. And in Ireland and Holland, at least the last time I was there too long ago, everyplace had some wonderful concoction of ketchup with curry in it for your fries.

  2. fuck this mustard only on hotdogs bullshit. i only put mustard on hamburgers. it’s like that philly cheesesteak BS.
    of course i frefrain from hotdogs period. but if i ate 1, IT WOULD HAVE KETCHUP ON IT!
    pansypoo leaves muttering about hotdog police.

  3. I always have ketchup & mustard on my hot dogs.
    Also, the dogs must be Nathan’s and they must be grilled. I don’t eat boiled meat. Eww.

  4. I’m not opposed to other condiments on hot dogs but ketchup? Nope. And I like ketchup but in its proper place.

  5. Hot dogs? Yeah, they’re OK, I grew up on them cause they were cheap for a family of seven. But now that I’ve moved up to Minnesota — bratwurst is the bomb!

  6. I went to a Chinese restaurant in Ireland with my cousins, and they put the main dishes over chips instead of rice. Freaked me out a bit!

  7. No ketchup.
    Hot dog: steamed Kosher weiner, homemade bun with stone ground mustard, chopped onion, julienne dill pickles, tomato wedges and hot peppers. Top with sauerkraut (the good stuff, not canned…ewww!) and celery salt.
    Some places substitute coleslaw for the kraut, grill or deep fry the dog, add spiced mayo or horseradish sauce. Chopped habanero peppers if you don’t mind sitting on an ice cube in the morning
    No ketchup and no damn sweet pickle relish.

  8. Mustard belongs on a hot dog. Put the chili on top if you have it.
    I don’t put ketchup on burgers or dogs. Ketchup is for fries…

  9. Y’know what I like on my hot dog? A nice dollop ofDon’t Even Fucking Tell Me My Side is Gonna Start Bitching about Politicians’ Choice of Goddamn Condiments Now.

  10. what gil mann said. TO EACH HIS OWN. IF i have a hotdog, i am gonna put KETCHUP ON IT.
    it has mellowing agents you know.

  11. Is this a great country or what?
    My sister bought me a bottle of ketchup in 1982 when she stayed the weekend. It’s still in the fridge. So, I have it if anyone wants some for their dog.

  12. Dayum, children, all y’all come in together and nobody puts chili on your dogs?
    There’s this great place called Chili Dogs Cafe in Lubbock.
    You can get hot dogs with just about anything. Home-made hand-dipped corn-dogs with 1/4-lb all-beef hotdogs in ’em.
    Hotdogs with pico and guacamole and pepper jack cheese. In a tortilla. Homemade chili. They’ll add chopped red onion, pico or sour cream to anything on their menu, free. They make the salsa and chips from scratch too. MMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

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