The Real Victims


Strictly on an intellectual level, it’s amazing to think aboutJeffrey Lord’s “logic.” I mean, we’re not even talking pretzel folds. More like protein twists.

Back in the real world, though…good lord, what an asshole. What. An. Asshole. Borat had more tact.

And since Mr. Lord presumably approves of “traditional” discipline, I say he needs a good old-fashioned smack upside the head.

4 thoughts on “The Real Victims

  1. I find that, for me, the last vestiges of a childlike belief in the big G God, floaty cloud heaven, meeting Gabriel at the pearly gates, etc, surface at times like this when I fantasize about people like this meeting their final reward, cowering at the knee of their angry maker, trying to justify the fact that, in a public forum for political gain, they not only took issue with a woman’s description of her father’s murder, but did so in a way that contrived to make it appear like she herself was doing what they were in fact doing.
    In other words, if there is a hell, I do hope there is a very special place for people like this.

  2. You wonder how these folks live with themselves…and then you realize they live strictly and solely with themselves.
    Narcissism on a level I just don’t get.
    Thank heavens.

  3. So if your parents are killed by a mob hanging, that is bad.
    But if crudgeled to death by a mob, that is OK?

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