‘Exhausted All Their Options’

Oh, calm the fuck down:

Beck has prophesied darkly to his millions of followers that we are
reaching “a point where the people will have exhausted all their
options. When that happens, look out.” One night on Fox, discussing the
case of a man who killed 10 people, Beck suggested such things were
inevitable. “If you’re a conservative, you are called a racist, you
want to starve children,” he said. “And every time they do speak out,
they are shut down by political correctness. How do you not have those
people turn into that guy?”

Yeah, they’ve exhausted all their options. They HAD to go shooting up the place. It’s not like they could register people to vote, and organize drives to the polls, and win elections. That’s totally not an option for right-wingers in America anymore. I feel so bad for them. They’re so stifled.

It’s not like, for example, taking them all at their word that they really want to re-educate America about its origins, they could tutor children in history (shudder, but bear with me) or teach them to read. I mean, there aren’t any schools in need of that kind of help around here, at all. There aren’t dozens of libraries running after-school programs that could use volunteers. Nope, all those options have been exhausted.

It’s not like, for example, taking them at their word that they want to return America to its origins as a Christian nation (again, take a breath here) they could go visit the sick and feed the hungry. There isn’t a church on every street corner just gagging for people to bring in food for the pantry and to sign up to volunteer at the local nursing home and hell, maybe just greet people at services on Sunday because that’s the only time some ever leave their apartments and come on, you can’t have exhausted all those options, too.

It’s not like, for example, taking them at their word that they’re fighting for the little guy against big business (please don’t e-mail me) they could take part in “buy local” efforts and work to increase awareness of transportation costs and food subsidies and all the ways industry fucks us over without our even knowing it when we really ought to be getting our cucumbers from the farmstand on the corner. Nah, all those options? Exhausted.

No, there’s pretty much nothing left to do except listen to a yelly narcissistic fuck on TV and then start shooting. Because we have discovered there’s good money to be made in telling people with pent-up rageaholic asshole issues that there’s nothing they can do. That they’re helpless in this life, that there’s no point in trying to change anything, that nothing they can try will make any difference at all. And I don’t often feel sorry for wingnuts, because I’m not an abnormally bright girl so if I can figure this out how hard can it be, but really, I don’t wish this kind of paralyzing impotent anger on anyone. It devours you from the inside out.

Truth is, people’s options are nowhere near exhausted. It’s just that people like Beck and his employers have not yet figured out how to make money telling you where you can volunteer for your local food pantry, whereas there’s always a quick buck in stockpiling gold and ammo for the coming race war.


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  1. You are a brilliant analyst, a brilliant writer, and I want to have your children.

  2. Beck makes perfect sense if you assume that the endgame for neocons and the forces behind the tea party is an American Kristallnacht that results in a fascist police state with complete suspension of civil liberties for those who dissent. Of course they don’t encourage peaceful, democratic means of changing government and society; they don’t want good government—they want total control.

  3. Sandman, I don’t think the Becks and Palins really care — they’re grifters, only in it for the money.
    It’s the people behind them that are working for a fascist American state, and it’s the same people who supported a fascist state in the 1930s — big capital, in all its guises.

  4. We are reaching a point where we have exhausted all of our options, but PLEASE BUY GOLD. When my conservative FIL who rebroadcasts Fox News to all of us in near real-time says Beck is nuts, a certain media outlet may want to start taking notes. They’re losing some crucial bits of their audience.

  5. Why don’t we just say it: Beck won’t be happy until he can persuade one of the nutjobs who listen to him to assassinate the current POTUS? He could hardly be more clear about his intentions.

  6. There was one thing- and there weren’t many others- I admired about my ex’s father, who definitely had his share of pent up rageaholic issues with people who didn’t share his faith or his politics:
    He did actually work hard helping people who were in trouble or less fortunate. He and some of the guys in his fundamentalist church formed a sort of ad hoc disaster response team. They tended to focus on digging or repairing wells, or fixing busted water pipes or plumbing (some of the places they traveled didn’t have plumbing)l, but they also did roofing and construction repair. They helped people out all over the Houston area, went to Louisiana within a day or two after Katrina, to Mexico and Central America after hurricanes, floods, mudslides, etc., spent a summer in New Guinea, and other places. Ex’s mother loved it because “it keeps him busy and out of the house.” If he didn’t have that outlet, it wouldn’t surprise me if he did fly off the handle and hurt someone someday.
    I agree that Beck is a grifter/shill but aside from that, the threats so many RWNJs are afraid of are not life and death. They ARE about Americans having to change: change the way they live and consume, change their conception about their town/state/neighborhood and its place in the rest of the world. Change is hard and sometimes it sucks, but the nation isn’t falling into the ocean or anything.

  7. anything for a $. the rite has been having a temper tantrum for over 30 years. why can’t they say THEY are the fly in the ointment and STFU for a while. admit you suck.
    but NO. they just keep digging.

  8. When I was in high school, my school lost a football game by an embarassing amount (something like 63 to 0). So some of our students hid out on the winning team’s bus and shanked one of their players.
    After all, we played our best and lost. What option was left?

  9. Blech is trying to sell two things that are intimately tied together. The first is that the `50s were some sort of idyllic period in America’s history, and that things were so much simpler then (of course they were–if racism was the norm, one certainly didn’t have to feel guilty about it). That fantasy drives the second meme–that “liberals” and “progressives” created the changes that are so discombobulating today, and if life seems harder today than in earlier times, it’s all their fault.
    Generating phony nostalgia for better times is a technique central to most authoritarian movements, and in this country, race is a fundamental part of that nostalgia–times were better then because black people (or women, etc., etc.) “knew their place.” It’s tremendously easy to get the angry and out-of-political-power to begin picking at that scab. That’s why, months ago, Blech insisted not only on his show, but on others, as well, that he was convinced that Obama hated white people. Black people who hate white people really don’t know their place. It was a way of getting his viewers and listeners to start picking that scab in earnest. It is also an effective way of diverting their attention from the actual sources of their economic misery (if any).
    This is the way black propaganda works. If someone finds a way to make a buck off of it, too, all the better, they think, but, still, I think the impulse is all about regaining political power for the people several levels of influence above the clowns on the talk shows (every James Mattoon Scott needs a Harold McPherson or two). That’s what the “take our country back” is all about. With enough of such talk, there’re always going to be hotheads who work themselves into a frenzy and think that they and their .357 Magnums can do it.
    Blech is a facilitator, not a principal actor, in this little drama. He’s an uneducated, inflammatory idiot whose strings are being pulled by the real movers and shakers in the power elite of the right wing of this country. And they’re far enough removed from him that they’ll never be touched by any scandal if he really crosses the line and gets indicted for inciting to riot.
    The most important thing in all this is to get the equivalent of a Bush and a Cheney (and a Congress to match) in power again. The angry and disaffected people will be told to want precisely that in 2012, and they’ll vote that way. The power players on the right made alot of money in Bush’s eight years in office. If it takes armed mobs in the streets to do it, they have the ways–and the clowns–to get that show rolling…

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