Requiem for a Friend

Requiem æternam dona eis, et lux perpetua luceat eis.

If there are those of us who failed you in respect to friendship, understanding, patience, charity, or fellowship, we can only humbly beg forgiveness–not from some dead god, and, unfortunately, not from you. We have to request absolution from each other, and from ourselves. We have to renew the thousand little silent vows we make to each other every day. We must realize that, for all the heartbreak and frustration that they bring, other people are the most precious thing that we have, and the most precious thing that we ever will have. We can do these things, remembering you, and hope that we can honor you in death the way we all so singularly failed to do so in life.

Adieu, my friend.

One thought on “Requiem for a Friend

  1. nice. reminds me. i have to find a nice death notice in our paper for a black hairdresser. he sounds like a nice guy. amazing life really.

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