Not sure what I think about Burn Confederate Flag Day

A progressive blogger out in Washington State wants to transform the 9/12 Beckapalooza, Teabagger Day, into Burn Confederate Flag day. Part of me thinks it’s an interesting sideshow stunt since the Confederate flag is such a powerful symbol of hate and there are a whole lotta teabaggers who should be wearing white sheets and pointy hats. Having said that, burning anything at someone else’s rally seems to have great potential to backfire as well as incite violence. I’m a peacenik. I don’t like political violence. It’s dumbassery as well.

In the end, I strongly lean towards considering it a counter productive and douchey neo-Yippie stunt that will never happen. What do you think, gentle readers? I’m very interested to hear, I’m not really on the fence here but never enjoy sitting on a fucking picket. Ouch. So, consider the comments a mini-Crack Van only without the sound effects or the ham or, in fact, any chat features whatsoever.

Just gimme your opinions, y’all. I’m going all Bill Clinton on you and want to feel your pain…

23 thoughts on “Not sure what I think about Burn Confederate Flag Day

  1. I think it’s a great idea. It’s about time that we start actively challenging these crypto-racists.

  2. Interesting idea for “calling out” the tea baggers.
    I wonder what the effect would be of carrying a St. Andrews cross would be on the Beck rally (or for that matter, the South Park flag). I suspect some folks would quickly ask you to stop making them look bad. Others would take offense at you burning the flag.
    Would have to get a permit? Would the govt give a permit for you to do this in the middle of a Beck rally? As you pointed out, violence is a real consideration.

  3. JC Christian is an idiot if he thinks that doing this would make the teabaggers look bad. The teabaggers aren’t going to pick up black and Latino members, so having them explain that the stupid flag isn’t about slavery, but actually about states’ rights, wouldn’t do shit.
    All you’re gonna do with this is feed their persecution complex.
    And if there were any media accounts written up, it’d either be the “Views differ on shape of the earth” style, or talking about how kwazy liberals are alienating real Americans with their silly stunts.
    Also, there are plenty of places where you’re extremely likely to buy yourself an ass-kicking for doing what “the General” recommends.
    Nah. Not worth it.

  4. One of the biggest draws of the Tea Party movement is that they get to play revolution (or pre-emptive counterrevolution) and dress up like Revolutionary War Americans. Their symbol is not the Rebel Jack, but the Gadsden (Don’t Tread on Me).
    More appropriate, effective and symbolic would be for counter-Tea Party protesters would be to start showing up dressed as Union soldiers, brandishing American flags emblazoned with “Spirit of 65” and singing the “Battle Cry of Freedom” (the Union Forever, Hurrah, boys, Hurrah).
    But I don’t expect the overemotional left to understand the value of positive symbolism, other wise, they’d have broken out the Ben Franklin costumes and Gadsden flags as soon as Bush signed the Patriot Act.

  5. I think I’m not going to get distracted by the media’s latest non-issue, is what I think.

  6. it’s risky, but personally, i like it…the whole 9/12 thing is some ghoulish bullshit as it is. Trying to whip up the poor, picked on right-wing mouth-breathers by drumming up the ghosts of 9/11. It’s almost a given that this whole 9/12 abortion will result in something awful happening, but something like this will, i think, make it harder for the tea-tards to try and sweep the ugly racist undercurrent of their movement under the rug

  7. Saw this coming a mile away. From the originator:
    We need a location and organizer for the main “Burn a Confederate Flag Day” event. I can’t. I’m anon.
    Translation: Let me play social director, and y’all find the place, do the work and enact my brilliant idea!
    If he wanted to stone up and do this himself, say, at an Alabama Tea Party rather than hide out in Washington state under a pseud, that would be one thing — but what’s the diff between this sort of social-director faux-progressivism and the 101st Fighting Keyboarders?

  8. “counter productive and douchey neo-Yippie stunt ”
    That’s my take too. The Tea Partyers are more helpful to us if we don’t give them the time of day. They are doing an excellent jobs of convincing independents (and non-crazy GOP-ers) of their crazy hood. They are the John Birch Society of our age…

  9. Why even try something guaranteed to get you arrested, and with nothing whatever about it to attract any positive attention? Starting any kind of fire in that context would result in an arrest.
    A legal alternative would be wearing pants made of that flag, handing out toilet paper with that flag printed on it, holding signs with that flag shown burning, etc. But, even those would attract only negative attention.
    Much better would be something causing only positive reactions, like standing en mass carrying US flags, and wearing “Proud Democrat” tee shirts, or even “Obama-Biden” tee shirts (with the added benefit of getting some use out of them.)

  10. They should do it at one or two Teatard protests and see what happens before rolling it out nationally.

  11. Are we the only country where the side that got their asses kicked in a civil war (yeah, fuck you too, the North won) still flies their fucking flag? Does anyone else find this sad and pathetic?

  12. I do Sandman. Unfortunately, the South won the peace from 1876 to 1965. Then the backlash came and we’re still living with the backwash of the backlash.

  13. Why not burn the damn thing? It is a symbol of an anti-American, anti-God terrorist organization. Displaying the thing outside of a museum exhibit is expressly a declaration of treason against the United States (it definitely qualifies as aid and comfort to an enemy off the United States, even if the enemy is no longer around; though considering 99.999999% of Southerners are all about “The South Shall Rise Again”, the Confederacy may not be a nation-state, but it certainly counts as a anti-American terrorist organization). Burn the flags, then hang anyone who protests as the traitor-terrorists they are, and we can make the Union a better place. To do less is to dishonor the sacrifice of all of the patriotic Union soldiers who fought to stop the spread of anti-American evil; instead we molly-coddle the betrayers and spit upon the graves of American soldiers

  14. [[considering 99.999999% of Southerners are all about “The South Shall Rise Again”]]
    Uh, no. Take it from a lifelong North Carolina Republican. 99.999999% of all douchebag racists on the IntertubeZ, maybe.
    To me, this smacks of a game I used to play with my younger brothers: Let’s You and Him Fight, and, trust me, no good ever comes of that. That said, I think the brief moment in between when the teabaggers saw what was happening and when they reacted violently would be priceless.

  15. Wow, Phalamir. Hyperbole much?
    Let’s say that there are about 84.5 million people in the American South today (Thanks, Census Bureau!). By your “logic,” there are .0845 people down there who disagree with the idea that “The South Shall Rise Again.” I’m guessing that’s one of Adrastos’ legs. The other 91.55% of him, and everyone else in the South, including the black people, yearn for the days of secession.
    You’re a fucking idiot.
    So go ahead, call for extrajudicial hangings, and make all of the people who died fighting on the Union side in the Civil War out to be martyrs. Be just as fucking stupid and exclusionary as the teabaggers and nativists.
    Really, just shut the fuck up and stay away from our little stand, would you? You’re not doing those of us on the left any favors with your idiocy.

  16. Not sure what I think about Burn Confederate Flag Day
    I am. It’s asinine.
    Liberals can’t agitate on behalf often-speeds without turning the audience against them (yeah, Critical Massholes, I’m still pissed off at you about Halloween ’05), now we’re gonna play around with flag-burning?
    I can’t. I’m anon.EM>
    “Hey, can I borrow a chin to lead with?”
    And it’s
    Jesus’s General, not Jesus’, because Jesus is not the plural of Jesu. (Sorry, that’s been driving me nuts since long before this guy went all JC-for-Vendetta)

  17. Just make sure to bring baseball bats and guns. Kill a couple of those Tea Party fascist fuckers and we’ll see how beloved they are.

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