3 thoughts on “Saturday Blogwhoring Thread

  1. Been watching a rental DVD named “War Made Easy.”
    Most of it won’t be new to folks on this list (the lies you tell to get into war. Then once you are in the war, you shift to “we can’t leave because…” A lot about the news media not questioning the Bush lies. etc.
    But it was really **ahem** fun watching the Bush Cabal echoing each other on the “irrefutable proof” for Hussein.
    Even more terrifying was watching all the news media and pundits ringing that once you were in war, you either supported the troops or “shut up”. How dare anyone question Bush’s mental prowess during a war. etc.
    Wonder why they’re not calling the tea baggers to task on questioning Obama while at war !!

  2. saturday we had a small familiy reunion picnic in whitnall park and HEY, a mini 5th quarter Madison marching band showed up at the picnic across the road. perfect for us germans. i said we needed some ompapa music. will post pics soon.
    a TUBA!

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