13 thoughts on “Weekend Question Thread

  1. I am a culinary idiot savant. I cannot make anything except chocolate chip cookies, and those I make very well. I whipped up a batch on Wednesday. Delicious.

  2. Brats grilled slowly on the gas grill and then simmered in Miller Lite (I’m SO glad I finally found a use for Miller Lite!) and a coarsely chopped red onion for 20 minutes, served with fresh buns, the diners’ choice of four (count ’em!) kinds of mustard, the simmered onions, raw onions, and sweet pickle relish. And all accompanied by Mrs. RAM’s knockout German potato salad, along with sliced tomatoes and sliced cucumbers in sour cream sauce with onions from our garden. AND washed down with the 6-pack of Spotted Cow we brought back from Wisconsin.

  3. Stuffed mirliton pirogues. The world outside of New Orleans knows them as chayote squash, but down here, they’re mirlitons, and the people who have them in their yards tend to get bumper crops of ’em. I made some a la Paul Prudhomme’s recipe for my in-laws, minus the oyster & shrimp dressing and my father-in-law couldn’t get enough of the stuff. Made ’em again Thursday for me and my husband, and he loved ’em, too. Washed it down with bottles of Abita SOS.

  4. i experiment with shortbreads again. i thin i should try and sell to the coffee spots in milw. i made instant coffee shortbreads (bit too expresso, my fault, but tasty. whole bean fresh ground works. want to try coconut shortbreads.

  5. I’m baking another loaf of bread right now – corn/rye bread. Since I bought a breadmaker machine lase November the only bread I eat is what I bake, and it is absolutely delicious!

  6. Slow cooked chicken with garbanzo beans in a kind of, sort of curry sauce (broth, turmeric, fresh ginger, red pepper, garlic, carmelized onions, salt) over jasmine rice.

  7. With it being so hot and humid, I’ve become a fan of frozen bananas. Cool, good, and easy.
    peel a banana
    break in 1/2
    put a popsicle stick in it
    drop in freezer
    drizzle some chocolate syrup on the frozen
    leave out a little bit – just enough for the frozen banana to soften
    Oddly enough, the hardest thing is finding popsicle sticks intended for eating (versus crafts).
    Admittedly, the real way to do it is have some melted chocolate and dip the bananas in it, but that adds heat to the kitchen plus leaves behind a lot of chocolate.

  8. the assorted peppers are looking good. i NEEEEEEEEED to make some quasi ministrone/pepper soup w/ wild rice. my experiment w/ a yellow pepper was damned tasty.

  9. I stewed some pork butt steaks with beer, olive oil, secret spices for 6 hours and it was super yummy. I am obviously a carnivore because I thought it was porkalicious as did Dr A. Oscar wanted some but didn’t get any. He was properly tragic and bleated his pathetic little meow: “oooooh.”

  10. Carne de res con nopalitos. For the uninitiated, that’s beef with cactus pieces, stewed in a sauce made from tomatillos, serrano chiles, onions, garlic, and a little beef stock. Nom!

  11. Poor Oscar…the pain, the heartbreak. Kibble seems so je ne sais quoi.
    Il Triste Vita (credit: Google translation.)
    Which I guess translates into feline speech as “oooooh.”

  12. Got a homemade pizza getting ready to go out on the grill once I roll it out and add the toppings…waiting for the grill to get up to at least 600 or more before I do. The pizza stone is already getting hot now. Gonna put pepperoni on half of it and caramalized onions and bacon on the other half. Maybe a nice salad to go with it.
    Wish it wasn’t Sunday night, I’d like another day before back to the grind.

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