Editor B On Tales Of The Cocktail

I have a hunch that some of you like cocktails. I know I do as long as they don’t involve vodka. There’s a nifty event in NOLA every summer called Tales Of The Cocktail, which I’ve never been able to attend.This year my friend and fellow NOLA blogger, Bart Everson wrote a splendid series of posts about the event, which he has quite thoughtfully collected in a Tales wrap up post.

Bottoms up. Cheers. Skol.


5 thoughts on “Editor B On Tales Of The Cocktail

  1. My brother’s best friend introduced those of us in the groom’s party of my brother’s wedding to a simple little mixture which I will share here called The Brave Bull:
    Over a full glass of ice pour
    1 part tequila
    1 part Kahlua
    It’s a heady drink that tastes a little like a cola. And I promise you, Adrastos, no vodka.

  2. Sounds lethal darrelplant. Tequila I like, vodka has gone from being a beverage for drunken Russian proles to a yuppie delight.

  3. I hate everything about Vodka: it’s tasteless, odorless and gives me a hangover even when I don’t overindulge. As Marlene Dietrich said in Touch Of Evil: “Give me a whiskey and don’t be stingy, baby.

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