The Internet Shot Journalism With a Silver Bulllet

If only bloggers weren’t trivializing everything good and serious inour professional news media:

The fascination with werewolves dates back to the 19-30’s, with
popular movies starring Lon Chaney, Jr. More recently, movies like Van
Helsing and the Twilight series have captured the attention of
teenagers. They may not be mutating from man to wolf, but Northside
school district counselors warn these teens are experiencing
transformations of their own: from childhood to adulthood.
Northside School District counselor Dr. Deborah Healy said, “Young
people are looking to define their identities, sometimes to come
together and affiliate around a theme or an idea, just really to
belong, that sense of belonging.”

I can’t imagine why young people aren’t flocking to news broadcasts. It’s probably just because they’re stupid and shallow and love their iPhones more than all the serious things in the world.


4 thoughts on “The Internet Shot Journalism With a Silver Bulllet

  1. When Peter “Bela Lugosi’s Dead Because I Drank His Blood” Murphy is going to star in the next Twilight movie, all is lost. All Is Lost, I say.

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