No, this is not about Lech Walesa, his mustache and dock workers in Gdansk. I do, however, enjoy saying Gdansk. This post is about the way those of us who deal with the public reacted when we heard aboutthe flight attendant dude who was abused by a passenger and flipped out in a flamboyant way. Disclaimer time: I think it’s a horrible idea to open the escape slide on a jet plane since it could have hit some poor sucker on the tarmac. Mercifully, that didn’t happen so we can have some fun with this story.

Having said that, I had a “holy crap that’s cool moment” when I heard about Steven Slater sliding down the escape slide beer in hand. As someone who owns and works in a small retail business, I feel Mr. Slater’s pain. As someone who has watched some bozo try to push a valise containing all his worldly possessions into an overhead compartment, I share Mr. Slater’s annoyance with that level of malakatude. I also don’t like being called a motherfucker; a word that used to lead to automatic expulsion in Major League Baseball. I suspect it still does but I’m a lapsed baseball fan so I’m not certain. But who among us who deals with the public hasn’t wanted to tell a rude and/or drunk “customer” to fuck off? I’ve never done it but I’ve wanted to…

Here’s how Countdown covered the story last night complete with cheesy Chinese anime:

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5 thoughts on “Solidarity

  1. On the other hand, Dan went to put his bag in the overhead once, the flight attendant told him he ought to check it just when Dan fit it up there, and, when he told her he didn’t need to because it fit, she said, “Yeah, you could fit a body up there, too, but would you WANT to?”
    The weird can go both ways when it comes to airline flights. Slater had had enough, sure, but he ought to have done something other than slide off the plane. The world’s already obnoxious enough without his doing that.

  2. My best job ever, to this day, was in a small bookstore. The boss once lost his temper and threw a customer out, and I mean THREW him out by the collar and belt, because the guy was being an entitled asshole. “We don’t need your money, get the fuck out!” It was awesome.
    Damn, I miss that place. I should see if those guys are all on Facebook or something.

  3. I have asked people to leave a few times BUT not as dramatically as your boss did. I don’t want anyone else doing it but it’s one of the perks of being boss.

  4. Two people quitting with gusto in two days? Maybe this is the start of that torch and pitchfork thing people are always going on about. It’s about time.

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