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So far, nobody can explain to me why that matters at all:

Earlier this month a New York City agency cleared the way for the
construction of Cordoba House, a 13-story building that would include
meeting rooms, a prayer space, an auditorium and a pool.

Some of the families of those killed in the attacks have mounted an
emotional campaign to block it, calling the center provocative and a
betrayal of the memory of the victims.

“It does put salt on the wound,” King said. He urged Muslim leaders behind the project to reconsider the location.


A CNN/Opinion Research Corporation Poll showed a majority of Americans
across the political spectrum opposed the project being built near the
site of the attacks.

The survey, released on Wednesday, showed nearly 70 percent of
Americans opposed it, including 54 percent of Democrats, 82 percent of
Republicans and 70 percent of independents.

So what if 70 percent of Americans think the mosque shouldn’t be built there? So what if a majority of Americans think religious freedom should take a backseat to the feelings of people who, by and large, not only weren’t in New York on 9/11 but have never been to New York and likely won’t go?

And so what if a broad political spectrum of people are against it? That proves nothing except that there are assholes and insects in every political party, and most of them are racist fucks who’d rather not have
to deal with sticky, uncomfortable stuff like “religious freedom even
for people I think suck” and “this is America, you can have your stuff
anywhere you want even if it makes me itch.” It’s hardly news that
Democrats, Independents and Republicans can be total dicksucks, even if
that last has had kind of a lock on the market for the past decade or

So what if it hurts people’s feelings? People’s feelings are not law. People may be squicksome over this now, but on election day, are they going to vote based on that their kids don’t have enough to eat, or are they going to vote based on the president said some stuff in a video address that nobody paid any attention to anyway, and some Republicans were jerks about it on Sunday shows nobody watches?

I mean, if we’re gonna take the argument to that level you’d bestbring it, King, because people’s feelings are hurt over a lot of stuff right now. For example, many of us do not have jobs. Others have jobs but they suck. Others still are dying of preventable, curable diseases because doctors are expensive and/or inconvenient to them. And that’s just the real stuff. I’m pretty sure I could find a plurality of Americans to oppose your hair, you chewy little fuck. Will you then shave it off? Do I have the right to tie you down and do it to you?

Prominent Republicans have opposed the proposed site of the center,
saying it was insensitive and reopened the wounds of the attacks. On
Sunday, several criticized Obama for what they said was his support of
the center’s construction and subsequent waffling on the issue.

“This is not about freedom of religion because we all respect the right
of anyone to worship according to the dictates of their conscience …
but I do think it’s unwise to build a mosque at the site where 3,000
Americans lost their lives as the result of a terrorist attack,” Texas
Republican John Cornyn said on the “Fox News Sunday” program.

“To me it demonstrates that Washington, the White House, the
administration, the President himself seems to be disconnected from the
mainstream of America,” Cornyn said.

If the mainstream of America is a bunch of dicks who have no idea what America is actually about, then I say hallelujah, allahu ackbar, and GO TEAM, okay? Let’s be clear on this: the president’s duty is to the Constitution and the law of the land, not to how many dickheads King and Cornyn can make dance on the head of a pin. And if he wants to act like that for once, andtell these bigoted tools to go fuck themselves:

Well, my intention was simply to let people know what I thought. Which
was that In this country we treat everybody equally and in accordance
with the law, regardless of race, regardless of religion.

Then I sayHappy Obama Photo, bitches:


And by the by, this:

Republicans said the November elections will be about jobs, and that
the president should be addressing high unemployment in the United
States instead of speaking about religious freedom.

Is some quality bullshit. Howl and scream and release your flying monkeys to hassle all of America which IS busy with high unemployment and stuff in the world being generally broken, and then when the President has to step in and calm your asses down, claim he’s diverting YOUR attention from the real problems. Sure. That’s just great.



15 thoughts on “Out of Touch

  1. I agree. What if the folks in a neighborhood don’t want a Christian Church?
    And may I add that I am getting tired of the MSM saying that Obama has given his support to Cordova. I’ve gone back and reviewed the video and he basically says that the Constitution says we can’t discriminate against a particular religion. He neither encourages nor discourages the Cordova House.
    I’m also surprised who is involved in the protests. Protestants (who had quite a jolly time being burned out when they were the minority), LDS (who much more recently were the focus of violence), etc.

  2. I really think that the people who think this is reopening wounds, never allowed their wounds to heal. They keep poking at the wound, pour salt in their wound and then wave said wound around to show people how large and gaping it is.

  3. Christian pedophile palaces make me want to puke, but we live in hard times so I say take advantage of them. All I need is to fall down the economic ladder another rung and I’ll be stationed in the parking lot of my local christian child molesting center with my eye on the most expensive vehicle in the lot. Then I follow it home, go back next week, and I have a good hour or so to break in and take what I want from somebody I have no respect for anyway. It’s not stealing if you take it from some high and mighty asshole who just got done sucking off their poorly written, one dimentional, impotant invisible jewish zombie nailed to a stick. Now, if I can only find a way to break into the room where the child molesters keep all the loot they sucker from those too weak and stupid to believe in themselves…

  4. Personally I am highly offended that we allow jet airliners to fly over the states of New York and Pennsylvania. Don’t people realize that those are weapons, once used to kill 3000 fine upstanding Christian Americans? It’s ok to fly those weapons, but they should be kept a respectful distance from New York and Pennsylvania. As of today I am starting a movement to change the Constitution to prohibit flying jet airliners over those two states. Does anyone here hate America and all she stands for so much that they will refuse to join me in this?

  5. “Republicans said the November elections will be about jobs, and that the president should be addressing high unemployment in the United States instead of speaking about religious freedom.”
    WAIT…WHAT?!???!??! These are the self-same Republicans that have been holding up extending unemployment benefits and basically shouting down any move to get things back on track…and NOW it’s politically ‘convenient’ to SCREECH, and WAIL and GNASH DENTAL VENEERS about unemployment issues when the President ‘dares’ to defend and uphold the Constitution?!???!!
    I’ll be in the corner…in a dead faint from the intensely heavy irony of their ‘sudden concern’ for the jobless…fetch me my smelling salts, a burnt feather and a DOUBLE Amaretto Sour plskthxbai…

  6. I know Nyc is part of America, and the attack was on America not just New York
    but when you get down to it this is in Nyc, not St Louis. If most of the folks in Nyc, who LIVED THRU the attacks and their aftermath can deal with it, then the rest of the US can buck the fuck up and deal.
    This is just one reason to let it, go ahead, the other two being freedom of religion,and above all else, this whole issue is mostly just Republican politicking.

  7. I’m feeling that I touched a nerve of America with my proposed change to the Constitution, no one having said they oppose it. Being a great leader, as I am, I now delegate the job of writing this amendment, and getting the Congress lined up to pass it, to someone else. Meanwhile, I will be working on my Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech.

  8. People’s basic civil rights are not subject to the will of the majority. That’s why they’re enshrined in the Constitution, and why the Constitution is so hard to amend.
    I don’t care if 99% of all Americans, all over the country, think this is a bad idea. Tough shit. The First Amendment is not subject to a majority vote. We don’t choose whose religious freedom is going to be protected by asking the majority of the American people who deserves protection and who doesn’t. That’s just plain bullshit.
    And if the people of New York City are all right with it, then Newt and Sara and Cornyn and all the rest of the Republican crybabies have nothing to say about it. The proposed building went through the normal channels and met all the requirements, and that’s that.
    This whole “issue” just makes me sick.

  9. That lying Republican sack of shit (if that isn’t an oxymoron) — the proposed community centre (open to people besides Muslims, btw) isn’t “at the site”; it’s several blocks away, which, for Manhattan, is sort of like saying that one is equal to one hundred.
    Not only that, but when exactly did Republicans start opposing the idea that people could do whatever the hell they like with their own private property? The organisation that wants to build the community centreowns the site and, by standard Republicanoid logic, should therefore be free to open a combination gay bar/abortion clinic/Islamocommieatheist meeting room/day spa on it if they want.
    It always worries me when I can effectively flank Republicans from the right, you know?

  10. who will explain to these knobshines that by blocking mosques we are doing EXACTLY what osama been forgotten WANTS us to, and said we would do.
    home of the easily offended and home of the wimps.

  11. The people like Palin and King hate New York City and everything it stands for, and always have.
    They had to hold their noses for a day or two in September 2001 and pretend to care about us, but otherwise as far as they’re concerned we represent everything that’s wrong with THEIR (racist bigoted ignorant pasty white) America.
    And we like it that way. So can they please all go fuck off and die?
    And don’t let Peter King’s station as a Congressman from Long Island fool you. LI was a KKK stronghold until almost the mid 1960s. Al D’Amato’s utterly corrupt Rethug Party had a stranglehold on it right thru the 80s. Nothing much has changed since.

  12. Thanks Gummo. I only lived there for 9 years or so but this idea that every inch of NYC and the whole state is a shining beacon of liberal loving kindness is a crock. Bumfuck, Mississippi vs Massapequa, LI? not as different as some people might think.

  13. Hi Virgo,
    Living in Missouri, I can guarantee you that walking down the streets of STL you’ll see plenty of folks in Arabic garb.
    But I think Hoppy is onto something. However, I’d modify to only putting a ban on the airline companies involved in 9/11 and letting the other airlines fly. Shoiuld make for fun politics !

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