Rachel Maddow Meets Rising Tide…

…panelist Clancy DuBos on the air in a discussion of the Vitter campaign.

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I haven’t said that much about the Louisiana Senate campaign because it’s such a bummer, man. Vitter’s political success has never involved being likeable. He’s a loner without any friends but also one who will do whatever it takes to win.

Charlie Melancon is, of course, way too conservative for my taste but I still plan to vote for him in general election since our choice is an imperfect one. I do, however, think he’ll have a chance to deliver some money and goodies to the Gret Stet. As Clancy pointed out in the video, Melancon’s strategy involves reminding women what a shit Vitter is and how often he’s voted against their interests. It’s the path Mary Landrieu has followed in winning her three elections. I think Charlie is a helluva nice guy who will be a more effective Senator than Bitter Vitter but he’s a step to the right of Mary. Oh well, nobody said life was fair…

6 thoughts on “Rachel Maddow Meets Rising Tide…

  1. Better late than never on the attacks, but do you really think Melancon has any chance? Likewise my vote will be lesser-of-evils (and barely lesser at that), but I keep wondering why the Democrats didn’t immediately start slamming Diaper Dave as often and as loudly as they could afford to do…if nothing else, try to render him damaged goods.
    The downside of this sort of scorched earth politics would be that a damaged Senator is less effective for the State, but can anyone point to a genuine Vitter accomplishment?

  2. Vitter is all about posing and bomb throwing. That was how he was in state lege as well.
    I think Melancon is a loser unless anoher diaper hits the floor and maybe even then.

  3. I don’t understand. Used to be that “walking the Appilachian Trail” or seeing the DC Madam (especially in diapers) would get one dismissed from politics. The GOP likes screaming “Family Values”.
    I guess IOKIYAR?

  4. For one thing, it’s Louisiana and it has a higher tolerance for pols sexcapades.
    Timing is the other issue: Vitter’s shit really hit the fan when Kathleen Blanco was Governor. The Goopers didn’t push to oust Vitter because of that. If PBJ had been in at that point Vitter would have been history.
    The other thing is that Vitter is suspected of collecting dirt on other pols to hold in reserve if he needs it. That’s unproven speculation but it fits the man.

  5. Political rumor has it that Democrats have another hooker ready to detonate closer to election day. Even if it’s true, I’m not sure how much it’ll matter. That Senate seat had been Democratic for more than 100 years and I think the GOP is willing to overlook almost anything as long as it stays Republican.

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