Liz Sidoti: Mosque Is An Election-Year Hurdle — For Democrats

Of course it is. It wouldn’t be an election-year hurdle for Republicans, though you could write that story just as easily.Here, I’ll do it for you:

WASHINGTON – Add another election-year hurdle forDemocrats Republicans:
President Barack Obama’s forceful defense of the right of Muslims to
build a mosque near the World Trade Center site.

comments are givingRepublicans Democrats a campaign-year cudgel and forcing
Democrats Republicans to address a divisive issue within weeks of midterm contests
that will decide the balance of power in Washington.SenateMajorityLeaderHarryReid, in a competitive re-election fight, was the highest profile Democrat to move away from Obama on the matter.

First Amendment protects freedom of religion,” Reid’s spokesman Jim
Manley said in a statement Monday. “Senator Reid respects that but
thinks that the mosque should be built some place else.”

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, whose constituents are actually affected by the issue, applauded the president’s remarks as the highest-profile Republican to break ranks with his own party on the issue.

“If we shut down a mosque two blocks away from where freedom was
attacked, I think it would be a sad day for America,” Bloombergtold ABC News.

Democrats Republicans privately called some party members’ demagoging of the issue a distraction when the party should be laser-focused onkeeping comfortable gaining sizeable majorities inCongress.
The political climate already favorsRepublicans Democrats as economically
struggling voterslook to unleash their fury on the party in power.have a long history of trusting Democratic presidents to turn the country around.

Granted, it’s not as much fun as stringing together Tea Bag rage, a bunch of stuff “everybody knows” and a bunch of other stuff “some have said” into a narrative “we all know” so that you can get to the bar early tonight, but it would be just as valid as the flip side, which contains this bullshit:

Some Democratic candidates fear the political fallout that Republicans
suggest is coming against those who support building a mosque two
blocks from the lower Manhattan site of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.
And some Republicans are trying to walk a careful line in their
criticism, lest they be tagged religiously intolerant or be accused of
stoking fear.

Yes. Heaven forbid they be accused of EXACTLY WHAT THEY’RE DOING. And of course the writer found some weak Democratic candidates who bitched that they had to address uncomfortable issues in an election year, but come on. This whole thing is a perfect illustration of the way laziness and stupidity infect political “analysis” journalism.

I say laziness instead of bias because: We all know the narrative. There’s no way the story would have run the way I edited it above. Why not? Because we all know how this works, right? Amirite? Heh heh heh? We all know how this works. Actual freedom is a losing issue electorally, those who defend it are weaklings who want us to bend over for Hitler, Republicans standing up for Freedom ™ always appeal to Real Americans ™ who anyway are pissed about the economy and wish everybody would stop talking about the mosque so much.

And this narrative exists all by itself, being in absolutely no way created or at the very least reinforced by thumbsucking pieces from the AP that we’re all supposed to pretend are Serious Journalism ™. This narrative is in no way reinforced by every reporter’s questions being framed as “So how big a wuss are you, Mr. President? Don’t you know Some Democrats ™ think you’re hurting their cause with your Black Muslim Identity Politics? What do you say to Republicans who talk about the mosque nonstop and blame you for not talking about the economy? Aren’t they right? I’ve been to those tea rallies. Lotsa anger out there.”

I really can’t wait until the AP sues all us lowly bloggers out of existence so they can get back to the critical thinking and gatekeeping they’re so good at.


13 thoughts on “Liz Sidoti: Mosque Is An Election-Year Hurdle — For Democrats

  1. I still can’t get over that no Democrat has made hay out of the fact that Republicans voted against the aid package for 9/11 responders because the attached rider called for offshore companies with onshore addresses to pay onshore taxes. Hey hey, where’s the hallowed ground now?

  2. How easy it would have been to simply say, “why should I support in any way a right-wing campaign which has its origins in racial and religious discrimination? That would be un-American.”

  3. Opportunists & zealots on the rights; opportunists & weaklings on the left. Giant media combines controlled by aristocrats who naturally favor the right and argue their side in all of the “objective” news media they own.
    Sounds a lot like England, France and Germany in the 1920s and 1930s.
    And we all know how well that worked out.

  4. I am flabergasted (?sic) that this has become such a national issue (or that the dems have LET this become an issue).
    2 blocks away in Manhattan – you won’t even be able to see it from the former WTC site (they’ve got tall building there). Pushes out some “adult businesses” – revitalizes an area that has fallen into disrepair. Manhattan zoning has already approved it (and at the heart, this is a local zoning ordinance).
    Constitution doesn’t allow discrimination based on religion.
    The Cordova House is doing the capitalist thing – it is their land and they’ve paid for it. Don’t the repugs support property rights?
    The Imam is a moderate who has worked with Bush. And wouldn’t you rather have a moderate teaching than an ultra-conservative?
    We’re telling the rest of the world (including the Muslims) that we hate them.
    All this reminds me of all those good ole laws that forbid the darkies from living in respectable areas.

  5. Maitri,
    Do I gather correctly that you are a practicing Muslim?
    If so, could I ask if there is a basic introduction to the Muslim religion and culture that presents a balanced picture?
    Frankly, I know almost nothing about the Muslim but am afraid to ask as the voices that make the news have an obvious benefit from being one sided. I am likely to get either a bigoted diatribe against the Muslims or the opposite extreme of one that varnishes for western eyes.

  6. My course of action should I have met such journalists in person might have been to put a cigarette out in their eyeballs.
    But, I don’t smoke. And they squirm.
    The way you just put it to them is much better.

  7. But, Obama waffled. First he said that the Constitution prohibits discrimination based on religion. OK. But, then later he said he wasn’t supporting the Moslem group wanting to establish a Moslem community center at that location – really, really odd, considering that the federal government isn’t involved in zoning decisions. Now, isn’t that the very portrait of a weak, Moslem loving president?
    Maybe I expressed that wrong – it makes so much more sense when Brian Williams tells us about it on NBC News.
    By the way, I think porn loving Americans should all rise up and protest this destruction of a shrine to porn.

  8. Dems have LET this become an issue.
    What magic words would keep the contagion of low-information media, flogging this like God knows what, from crossing species?

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