Another Road Song: Tampa To Tulsa

I realized earlier today that the last several tunes I’ve posted have been road songs so I decided to make it official. It’s road song week in my little corner of First Draft. The news has been so idiotic of late that a road trip sounds like an excellent idea. Unfortunately, I have a small business to run and aconference to help plan so I’m stuck here. Of course, once you get past the outdoor steam bath effect, New Orleans is not a bad place to be stuck. So, I guess I’m taking a virtual road trip and inviting y’all along for the ride. I promise to make frequent rest room stops something my father did not believe in. He was into making time, which gave me an early lesson in self control…

Where the hell was I? The next song on our virtual itinerary comes from the Jayhawks. I’m sure you’re shocked to hear that I like them. This tune was written by drummer Tim O’Reagan and features his vocal stylings. Rumor has it that he’s Irish. Whaddya think, y’all?

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