2 thoughts on “Life On The Road

  1. Buddy Ryan once criticized Chris Carter by saying “”All he does is catch touchdowns”.
    All The Kinks did was realease one top notch album after another every year for about fifteen years. Not a Goat’s Head Soup among ’em. Why they don’t get more respect is a mystery to me.

  2. aaaahhh… Ray and the Kinks. I was at Tulane from 73 to 77 and witnessed an embarrassing assortment of riches at McAlister Auditorium during that time. None more memorable than the Kinks, circa 1975, when Ray took off his jacket and someone handed him a bottle of beer (imagine being allowed to have a bottle of beer at a concert!). Ray took a swig, handed it back, and offered, “Give me champagne, and I’ll take it all off.”

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