5 thoughts on “Saturday Blogwhoring Thread

  1. Well, the news is reporting that the 2 main facilities involved in the Salmonella tainted eggs – one is and egg facility owned by Austin Jack DeCoster (?sic?). Also reporting that he has been cited many times in the past for health and safety violations. Will be interesting to see if violations are such that they could have contributed to the outbreak.
    On one hand, I have some sympathy in that salmonella is all over the place in nature and especially with birds and reptiles.
    I have to wonder if a commercial chicken house crowded with chickens with little room to move, and who are wading around in each other’s poop provides a nice, fertile place for salmonella to grow. I’m guessing that this is a rationale for heavy antibiotic treatment in their feed? And routine antibiotics leading to drug resistance??
    OTOH, sure gives a good reason why we need govt regulators.

  2. Sorry, one facility is an egg facility owned by the guy. The other is supplied by him.

  3. what we need is a return to family farms.
    sorry, gang, but there it is.
    “economies of scale” lead to … unsanitary, inhumane conditions.

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