Nice Try But It Won’t Work

The Louisiana Democratic party has produced a pretty good video aboutBitter Vitter’s various scandals. It’s very unlikely to work because, as my friend Jeffrey recently said, he’s a “teflon douche.” There are some nice touches: I like the bit about Vitter taking his condoms with him. Icky but effective in a CSI kinda way. I did not, however, like the way they hid the faces of the “outraged citizens” in the video. It undermined everything they had to say.

Louisiana voters have customarily ignored the zipper problems of its horndog politicians. Shortly before the 1983 Goober (Gubernatorial) election, Edwin Edwards said: “The only way I can lose this election is if they catch me in bed with a dead woman or a live boy.” He was right, the prodigal Governor was returned to office with a whopping 64% of the vote against the incumbent, Dave Treen. Gret Stet voters preferred the gambling, skirt chasing populist bad boy to the conservative Eagle Scout. Treen was a helluva nice guy and remember what Leo Durocher said about them: “Nice guys finish last.” (Btw, Leo the Lip was talking about the greatest ballplayer ever produced by the Gret Stet, Mel Ott.)

In the end, David Vitter will be re-elected by a cranky electorate, which dislikes him but *loathes* Barack Obama. It’s a way of flipping the Prez the bird. The voters are in an ugly mood across the country and who’s uglier than David Vitter?

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4 thoughts on “Nice Try But It Won’t Work

  1. They get elected for the same reason no one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people.
    Loosiana might be a lost cause, but I keep hoping the rest of the country might wake up and smell the coffee…or at least the batshit insane.
    That said, the line about people getting the government they deserve is also stuck in my head…and it’s not making me sleep any easier.

  2. Guidry is another great Looziana player but Vida Blue was just as good and also had a Koufax level season. And for a brief moment JR Richard was a monster.
    As to position players, Ott is the best but Rusty Staub and Will Clark aren’t exactly chopped liver. Not to mention Albert Belle, a great player but major malaka.

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