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Freshman Ferret via Maitri.

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  1. racymind says:

    I was working a night shift in the ER the night of 9/11 so I slept late, until 2pm or so. Helen and I had just bought a fixer-upper house, pouring most of our spare energy into it when we weren’t slaving away at the hospital. So, of course the TV was on HGTV much of the time. I poured a cup of coffee, clicked on the TV and the HGTV channel popped on. There was no programming – just a screen saying they were canceling things out of respect for those affected by events in NYC. It was a little cryptic.
    I said to Helen ” something really big must have happened”.
    I clicked to CNN, got caught up in things like everybody else. The ER that night was fairly routine, actually. I remember the next night some middle aged white lady looking at one of our doctors who is Sikh, and one of our best, eyeing his traditional turban and saying something in a hostile tone like “I wouldn’t be wearing that around here if I was him.” I bit my tongue, like nurses do, and moved on.

  2. racymind says:

    Ok… I was trying to watch ‘All About Eve’ while I was typing that on my iPad. I have no idea how I wound up on the blogwhoring thread instead of the Weekend Question Thread.

  3. pansypoo says:

    gotta post my latest haul. not much.

  4. student aid says:

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