Can you dig it? Uhhh…no, actually

God knows BP hasn’t had many victories lately.

Sure, theycapped the well and all but, while it could hardly be called an afterthought, it certainly belonged in “more of a whimper than a bang” category. Much as they wanted to savor the triumph, BP didn’t want anyone to really dwell on that whole awkward IT TOOK US FIVE MONTHS part of the story.

So maybe this is one last attempt to snatch victory from the jaws of death that the British are so well known for. Personally, I’m willing to give it to them because goddamn it, I think they’ve earned it this time. So, Stephen Fry’s rather historic assertion aside, I think we can all agree that the British have at long last won the Irony War.

And kudos to BP for being the ones to bring the trophy back home with what looks to be a longplaying show, revolving around a elegantly simple yet reliably absurd theme:

With respect to the giant clusterfucking disaster they’ve created, BP would very much like us all to kindly bury our heads in the sand. And god knows plenty of us would like to at this point. But…wait for it…

We can’t!

Dig in the sand, that is.

Well played, BP, well played. (h/t to Patrick for the video)

4 thoughts on “Can you dig it? Uhhh…no, actually

  1. WTF? Can’t dig in the sand? Someone call the tea party. This must be the loss of freedom they are always talking about. Except if it’s BP then I guess they don’t care.

  2. Only terrorists dig in the sand. You can tell that by noticing how they always make fortifications when they dig. They put up sand walls, gun towers, moats, etc. Clearly with the intent of establishing a terrorist kingdom. And, for reasons not yet clear, but a commission is being set up to investigate, those terrorists tend to all be very small people.

  3. I have to note the SLIGHT potential that the no-digging is based on this being a national site – both from the standpoint of changing the erosion pattern and from digging into turtle nests, etc. Admittedly, I’m stretching it.
    But if **WE KNOW** and can **CLEARLY SEE** oil contamination below the 6″ they are digging, then it is obvious that they aren’t cleaning to pristine conditions. They are just doing cosmetics. And all it will take to disturbe the surface is an off-shore storm.

  4. Well played indeed, VT!
    (As an aside – OkieBlue, I actually DID get this link from a Tea Partier friend on Facebook. I think they did a big write up of it at the Heritage Foundation or something. Unfortunately, the point of them showing the video was to display how police-state like and comical the big, bad government is. I think it is lost on them that their candidates would enforce the same rules.)

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