Crowd Comparisons

Relentless inescapable marketing:

The main point of contention regarding the two rallies is crowd size, a measure that’s apparentlymore elusive thanSasquatch. Beck estimated his own crowd at around 500k, butone estimate, based on aerial photography, pegged it as low as 87,000. Interestingly, reportsthe exact same estimate for “One Nation.” Apparently, the science of crowd estimates is based on the work ofRain Man.

For the purpose of this discussion, however, let’s accept the premise that there were more people at Beck’s rally, even that there were twice as many. When making this comparison, however, it is important to remember that Beck benefited from relentless promotion, not only from the #1 cable news network, but also fromMSNBC and CNN. A TV Eyes search for each rally shows that, up until the day before each event, “Restoring Honor” was mentioned 2,877 times, versus 520 mentions of “One Nation Rally.”


5 thoughts on “Crowd Comparisons

  1. Thanks A,
    I’d been waiting for a crowd estimate for this past weekend.

  2. Not to mention that the Beck rally coincided with another event that the Koch brothers were underwriting, and there were plenty of buses on hand to shuttle people back and forth.
    No matter what the turnout, what counts is how Congress perceives it, and I doubt the One Nation rally is going to change many minds in that august body, but, by gum, a bunch of teabaggers puts the fear of gawd in `em…

  3. This is totally off-topic but didn’t know where and when to put it (moving this week and my mind is moving all over the place). There is a bit of a row breaking out about a journalist “outing” a blogger using a pseudonym; the blogger is a public servant, though the blog was done on private time.
    I thought readers here might be interested in the debate on the future of journalism and the exchange of information between the government and the governed. What are the benefits of anonymity? What are the ethics in the situation.
    Here is a link to one discussion of the situation. I thought it worth reading for the questions raised.
    (just revealed that I’m an ancient person who doesn’t yet know how to embed the link so that you can just click, rather than copy and paste. I’m sorry.

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