Print is Dead, Again

Newspapers are over and we should all just go home:

  • Competition from free ad services (see Craigslist) and from digital startups is likely to be less intense. In rural areas, even broadband access has arrived slowly.
  • National advertising is less of a factor. The local merchant base at the core of the community newspapers’ franchise has been reluctant to embrace digital alternatives — though the smaller papers do see future opportunity in digital.

Higher rates of circulation penetration support the case that these publications are an essential buy for local businesses.

Emphasis mine. The big thinkers are really, really quick to dismiss print entirely because THEY all have iPhones and superfast Interwebs and hey, if they do, everybody does, right?


4 thoughts on “Print is Dead, Again

  1. May I add that in traditional newsprint, the newspaper had all the important classified ads together in one place.
    In today’s online world, there may easily be half a dozen sites, all trying to the be classifieds for the area. Consequently the information is disjointed. As the sites may quickly rise and fall, one never knows if their information has been delivered to the eyes which need to see it. Thus, the quality of information delivery may paradoxically be decreased online.

  2. This is the same reason they think public libraries are anachronisms, too, and I promise you that ours is full from 9am to 9pm, mostly with kids doing homework and people searching for jobs because you can’t even flip burgers at McDonalds anymore if you don’t apply online and include an email address. UGH!

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