No right to their privacy

I’ve been thinking a lot about something Dan Savage said recently, and not just because he’s been in the news a lot lately, though more power to him forIt Gets Better. A frequent guest on Olbermann, Savage was on last week to opine about the bonehead in Saxby Chambliss’ office who posted “All Faggots Must Die” in comments over atJoe My God.

This is par for the course. This is what they believe. This is how they talk about us in private, when they think no one’s looking and no one’s tech savvy enough to trace their hatred back to their office.

It’s no surprise. Saxby Chambliss is a homophobe and he employs homophobes, and this is, I’m sure, how they talk about gay and lesbian Americans who are serving in the military when they think it’s no one but them in the room listening.

Theyhate us. Does anyone out there doubt this? They hate us, they revile us, they evenexploit the deaths of our young to amplify their hate and ignorance. And when we talk about them doing it, we need to call it by its name, not use polite words like “cultural differences,” “conservative values,” or other carefully coded phrases that make it sound reasonable, like there is an understandable equivalency between our experience of their hatred and violence and their expression of it.

There is no equivalence. One sideis on the wrong side of history. Speaking of history, no one callsthis an expression of cultural differences any more. It’s been decades since anyone tried to callthis family values.

There is no equivalence. One side is wrong, is full of hate for us, is actively inciting more violence and death, is bent on our destruction. Thisis how they talk about us in private and we need to talk more honestly and frankly, in public, about how they do so. And not just on MSNBC and the dirty hippy blogs, either.

4 thoughts on “No right to their privacy

  1. Didn’t say we were past racism. But it’s more widely acknowledged than not that it’s hatred and fear. The leader of LDSdoesn’t use the opportunity of tragedy to justify racial hatred.

  2. DISTRACTION! left wing gatekeeper Olbermann doing his job. how much they paying you to sell out keith? aiding and abetting treason is gonna get serious keith.

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