4 thoughts on “Saturday Blogwhoring Thread

  1. I’ve done several posts on the Gene Cranick issue (the guy in Tennessee who lost his house in a fire), but today’sfocuses on the moral issues.
    Also, some Teanut Congressional candidate apparently likes to dress up like a Nazi and goosestep around the Ohio woods under the name “Reinhard Pferdmann,” which remembering how they painted Hitler mustaches on Obama strikes me asthe mother of all IOKIYARs.

  2. On the road. Pulled up to the motel.
    I see a drastically oversized SUV. On the back are 1/2 a dozen anti-Obama bumper stickers (“I don’t need another savior”, “Anti-Socialist isn’t racist”, “I keep my money and my gun.” etc.) Owner is a rather elderly gentleman walking somewhat hunched over. Gentleman has desk clerk take his bags to his room as he is infirm. (We’re talking cheaper hotel – $60 a night. Not one with bellhops.)
    Next 2 days I notice that the car is parked in the handicaped spot.
    From seeing the way he was walking, I have no doubt that he qualifies for a handicapped spot. But my surprise is comparing his insistance on others helping him versus his fire against helping others.

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