You’re Arguing With a Martian About His Homework

Okay, look. First of all, it don’t matter worth a shit if I’m mean to Obama or not. I know this. I know that the difference between his having a shitty presidency and his having a great one is not how hard I am on him on my website. And second, I’m trying to be patient here. The world is FUCKED, and Bush had eight years to break everything. Obama had about ten minutes to fix it before everybody went sadly and predictably nuts because there was a black man in the White House and also a socialist Marxist Muslim. He had about ten minutes, and he took a nap, and while I sympathize because DAMN, maybe it wasn’t the best use of that time. Even so, boyfriend had a tough job coming in, so I’ve tried to be patient.

That all being said, what the fucking fuck, already?

“It may be that regardless of what happens after this election, they feel more responsible, either because they didn’t do as well as they anticipated, and so the strategy of just saying no to everything and sitting on the sidelines and throwing bombs didn’t work for them,” Mr. Obama said. “Or they did reasonably well, in which case the American people are going to be looking to them to offer serious proposals and work with me in a serious way.”

These people aren’t responsible. Their whole lives are about not being responsible for anything but firing the gardener for clipping the wrong hedge. Talking to them about responsibility is like talking to a Claire about calculus. She’ll sit and listen politely, and then she’ll go off and chew on your hat. She doesn’t get the concept. She’s not aware it exists. She thinks you’re being cute and funny and are we done now, because it’s lunchtime. It’s not even that she hates you (the teawads hate you), it’s that you’re absolute zero on her list of concerns. But it amuses her, sometimes, to listen to you yammer.

Again, not at all surprised. Well, maybe a little. Obama’s slightly older than I am, I was hoping he’d paid attention during the Clinton years and saw that pulling your punches only works if you like getting beat, and that the only thing Republicans are responsible for is the Sunday shows being full of Republicans. They demonstrably do not give a fuck about anything being better, the earth is caving in, and Centrist Daddy isn’t going to teach them a lesson becausethey’re not in school. They don’t know what school is.

School is a story you’ve told them, only instead of people who just went to school in another country and maybe the classroom looks different, they are from another planet where knowledge is injected into capsules under their skin, and the idea of sitting around all day while someone tells you things is absurd.


9 thoughts on “You’re Arguing With a Martian About His Homework

  1. Have you been readingThe Sirens of Titan again?
    This post reminds me of that book, and that’s one of the nicest things I can say about anyone’s writing.

  2. Read “The Audacity of Hope” and you quickly see that our President is sticking to his core principles. Primary among those principles is changing the atmosphere in DC to where comity rules. It’s like him looking at the lion’s den and dreaming of helping the lion brush his teeth, or wanting to sit and discuss religion with bin Laden, having an urge to pet that nice pitbull. As much as I hate to admit it, I think I fell for the wrong candidate back in 2004.

  3. Obama made three major mistakes, right from the get-go. He should have gone through the Executive Branch like crap through a goose, gotten rid of every damned Bushie in sight. He didn’t.
    Then he should have ordered the DOJ to begin the prosecutions, for war crimes, for corruption (that the Bush administration was likely the most corrupt in the country’s history, based on how much taxpayer money was looted in their eight years, is not even contentious, at this point), and for using the government to promote partisan politics (you and I both know that Karl Rove ought to be spending so much time in front of a grand jury that they should loan him a cot). A simple view of recent history shows that every time the Repugs get away with gross violations of law, they’re emboldened. But, he didn’t do that, either.
    Last, his first legislative priority, with majorities in both Houses and a ton of public goodwill at his back, should have been eliminating money from politics. Getting rid of the money, a constitutional amendment for public financing, and a stringent law while the ratification process moved along would have made every other legislative initiative he could have wanted go easier and better. Didn’t do that, either.
    He wanted to change the culture of Washington, but without ruffling any feathers, without causing a preternaturally determined, virtually nihilistic opposition any political pain. Now, when I read that the Repugs were plotting strategythe day after the 2008 election, I knew they were not licking their wounds, that they were up to no good. Obama’s supposedly a bright man, and if I could figure it out, he should have, too.
    And yet, almost two years in, he still thinks they’re gonna work with him. If the Repugs get the House, he’s going to be totally unprepared for what’s coming. They’re gonna impeach his ass, whether or not they have the votes in the Senate, and they’re going to do it at the most politically inopportune time for him.
    I’d put money on it.

  4. Early voting has started in Illinois. Vote…to keep Kirk and Brady out of office. Ugh. The ballot was SIXTEEN PAGES long. I think I mostly voted for the good guys but I think I accidentally punched the virtual ballot for a guy that is a crook in some county office.
    If Republicans retake the House Obama isn’t going to get shit done, they are going to investigate him more than they did Clinton and about stupider shit, and the even more daft press will LAP IT UP. Smart capable Obama is finally going to learn his lesson about shaking the devil’s hand the way a child learns who burns his hand on a stove, instead of his preferred Harvard Law happy horseshit way.

  5. Put simply: Obama doesn’t have any fight in him.
    When the Republicans are in power, they lurch us towards an authoritarian right, public opinion be damned. When the Democrats take over, they, at most, sand off some of the sharp edges left by the GOP.
    Hell of a way to run a country.

  6. @Montag: Yes. This.
    I think the one thing that keeps Obama in office if the GOP retakes Congress is if Biden resigns right now, before November, and Obama picks Grayson to succeed him.

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