Malaka Of The Week: Rich Iott


You’ve all seen the pictures and heard the astonishing rationalizations from Rich Iott who is a teabagger candidate for Congress in Ohio. He’s also the slam dunk choice for malaka of the week as well as the third malaka from the left in the snap above. <clicking my heels>

Herr Iott has spent a lot of time trying to convince people that he dressed up in a German uniform to bond with his kid or that the Waffen SS were just soldiers and not really Nazis. If Herr Iott knew any *actual* history as opposed to version, he’d know that the SS were declared to be a criminal outfit during the Nuremberg trials. That’s right: Rich Iott is not just playing soldier boy, he’s playing war criminal. He doesn’t even have the sense to say “somebody’s gotta play the bad guys in a re-enactment.”Instead he says stupid shit like this:

Ohio Congressional candidate Rich Iott got grilled by Anderson Cooper last night on his ratherunusual hobby of dressing up as a member of the 5th SS Wiking Panzer Division, a unit in the German army during World War II.

Iott defended the members of the unit, who he said “wanted to fight what they saw as a bigger threat to them than Germany,” so they joined up with the Nazis to fight the eastern front of the war against Soviet forces. “I don’t think we can sit here and judge that today. We weren’t there the time they made those decisions,” he said.

Iott called “what happened in Germany during the second World War one of “the low points in human history,” but defended the Wiking Division when Cooper referred to them as collaborators: “I don’t know that I would put that label on them. They were doing what they thought was right for their country. And they were going out and fighting what they thought was a bigger, you know, a bigger evil.”

Iott also contended that “this particular unit was one that was never charged with war crimes,” though Cooper pointed out that one member was recently charged with the murder of 58 Jews. Iott replied: “The war on the eastern front was extremely brutal on both sides. Nobody was lily-white, that’s for sure. Horrible things that happened on both sides.”

So, it’s okay because they were anti-communist collaborators? Who the hell does he think he’s fooling? Many brave Norwegians joined the resistance and fought the Nazis because they invaded and occupied their country. I think there’s a special place in hell for those who collaborated with the Nazis and went on to committ war crimes. There’s also a lesser place in hell for idiots who apologize for, and dress up like, members of the Wiking Unit of the Waffen SS.

It’s a good thing that malaka Rich lives up in Buckeye land otherwise I’d be tempted to shave his head a la the French Resistance. I have better impulse control than that so all I’m going to do is name Rich, who puts the Iott in idiot, malaka of the week.

11 thoughts on “Malaka Of The Week: Rich Iott

  1. I really hate the “on both sides” thing he’s pulling here. I interviewed a guy a few years back who’d been in the German Army at the same time and he did the same thing, basically said that what the Russians did made Poland look like a picnic lunch. And … okay, even if we stipulate that, YOU have to be able to account for YOUR actions. Pulling a “he did it too” is a dodge a 10-year-old would be ashamed of.
    On a whole other level of And … Okay, we have this asshole, who thinks it’s important we remember the Nazis suffered, too, TO THE POINT OF REENACTING THEIR ACTIONS. Even if you believe these were people who genuinely believed in fighting for their country, that doesn’t necessitate that you dress up in their outfits and pretend to be them. AT ALL.
    Seriously, either sack up and say, “I was the kid who pretended to be the murderer in Clue EVERY TIME, and I always liked the Disney villains best,” or shut up, but this just makes no sense.

  2. “I don’t think we can…judge…” — and yet, the teabaggers pass judgement EVERY DAY on all the alleged slackers and parasites in their clownish Randian fantasies…

  3. I don’t get it on several levels.
    Re-enactments in the USA (were the Panzer troops actually here in Pennsylvania – or whatever state he’s in??)
    Panzer has implications of heavy armor and tanks. How many WWII tanks are lying around for re-enactments? Absent the tanks, do they sit in boxes and make Vroom-Vroom noises as they carry their boxes around?
    Of course, they all dress as high ranking officers. So is this a bunch of draft dodgers pretending to be bad a**es? Sounds like some sort of S+S role playing club.
    If so, what is the educational value of a bunch of old men sitting around in a bar pretending to be mein Furhrer? (I can understand the need for military buffs to study campaigns to learn from them. But is study what they are there for?)

  4. Oh, and what would have been the disciplinary proceedings if any SS officer had dared dressed in the uniform so sloppily?

  5. Then I guess he also thinks “I was only following orders” is a valid defense to the killing of six million Jews. Those Nazis at Nuremberg were convicted UNJUSTLY!!!
    After all, they were only doing “…what they thought was right for their country…”

  6. I’ve honestly got no problem with reenactors or even uniform geeks who want to do things for costume purposes. (The idea of trying to accurately recreate a Nazi uniform appeals to me, but then, I was in the SCA for over a decade, hard-core, and, yeah…) On the other hand, if your rationale for doing it isn’t something along the lines of “I wanted to do a museum-quality recreation of the uniform because I’m a BIGG NRRD,” or something, and your reasons are that you think the Nazis wereadmirable because they werepatriots andanticommunists, there’s something wrong with you, bigtime…

  7. @Interro: I personally have no beef with re-enactors. They’re uniquely dorky. It’s Iott the Idiot’s defense of his dressing up in kraut field gray that’s irksome. Malakatude is usually irksome in my experience.

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