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  1. “Transporter.” My kids give me a hard time, via e-mail, every time it shows up in the TV listings, and my wife just leaves the room when I watch yet another rerun. I, however, persevere.

  2. Army of Darkness is definitely up there, as is Miss Congeniality…but I have the squishiest spot for a pre-South Park Trey Parker & Matt Stone classic my husband dragged me to called Orgazmo, and an Italian flick I saw in college called Volere Volare. Really, if it spoofs the making of porn movies in any way, I’m on the floor.

  3. Don’t know if they qualify as bad/awful, but I like particularly the first two Dirty Harry movies, which in hindsight are remarkably racist, sexist, and homophobic, but probably lend as good a perspective as any on…the racism, sexism, and homophobia of the era.
    Then there’s the whole lone anti-hero…and his big gun. VERY much keeping with the grand American myth of individuality…
    And then there are the famous lines — never much cared for “go ahead, make my day,” which I think was from a later movie, but don’t mind the “six shots or only five,” and really like “a man’s got to know his limitations” from what I think was movie number 2 in the series…the one where David Soul played a rogue motorcycle cop and Hal Holbrook was a corrupt supervisor…

  4. Mercy me, lots of movies to think of. Army of Darkness is on the list, Buckaroo Bonzai too. Bubba Ho Tep if we’re keeping the Bruce Campbell meme going. In the last decade, I’d definitely have to put Miss Congeniality in there, but my favorite would be Big Trouble with Tim Allen, Rene Russo, Stanley Tucci and a host of others. But if a movie entertains and makes one laugh, can it really be considered “bad”?

  5. Hands down, my favorite horrible movie is Billy Jack. Appeals to the hippie idealist in me. I love all of it, from the mixed message (peacenik who KICKS ASS, karate style!) to the awful acting. Love it. Even love the lame theme song, “One Tin Soldier,” which I remember my sister learning to play on guitar when she was in junior high.
    Yes, my parents raised us well. Pathetic.

  6. Well, I love Pardes, a Bollywood film about the triumph of Indian values over decadent Western values, and also Lagann, which is about the triumph of Indian Values over the values of the Raj, and, therefore, Western values. What can I say? I despises you ofays.

  7. Southern Beale —
    Wow, how could I forget Billy Jack? Absolutely!
    Saturday Night Live did a Billy Jack sketch featuring Paul Simon as “Billy Paul” in the ice cream parlor…

  8. Hands down, Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
    “You threw a knife at my head.”
    Second place: Hudson Hawk. Robbery to Wishing on a Star.

  9. I used to watch a lot of dreadful movies, under the mistaken assumption that one could always learn something from them, if only hownot make movies.
    But, I’ll still watch “This Island Earth” whenever I run into it. And “Mr. Buddwing.” And “Getting Straight.”

  10. “Used Cars,” Kurt Russell, 1978. Particularly the scene where they pirate their commercial into the football broadcast. It also made “Weekend at Bernie’s” possible.

  11. “Miss Congeniality” is a flat out terrific movie, no apologies necessary. It has one of my favorite movie lines of all time: “Right now you’re shutting up enough for both of is.”
    Attack of the Killer Tomatoes may be more in the guilty pleasure category but it’s got another classic line. This is from memory after 20 years or so, but I remember a Japanese scientist speaking through a badly translated overdub (a pretty amusing device, BTW). During a meeting someone says something like “I can’t believe our lives are being threatened by a bunch of evil vegetables!” and the scientist says/overdubs “well technically, tomatoes are fags.”

  12. “Lethal Weapon II.” Every time I watch it it gets more contrived, intelligence-insulting, and fascist. A pretty odious movie on all levels, really. And it works like friggin’ gangbusters.
    But if a movie entertains and makes one laugh, can it really be considered “bad”?
    Sure, CybScryb, but “Bubba Ho-Tep” isn’t even in the same zip code as “bad.”

  13. Red Dawn. Wolverines! Just One of the Guys.
    Teen coming of age movies. And it’s Evil Dead II that has the best lines. This is my boon stick!
    So many great comedy moments and visuals. The Hand! The eyeball!

  14. I would have suggested “Flash Gordon”, but you specified BAD movies. Any movie that features Brian Blessed, Timothy Dalton, AND Max von Sydow is by definition good. Also, I’m such a nerd I cry at the ending.

  15. @Fraud Guy: YES. Hudson Hawk FTW.
    Also I have a soft spot for Last Action Hero — the Governator spoofing himself, in a penetrating-the-fourth-wall with very little internal logic film. Up until the craptastic last 20 minutes.

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