6 thoughts on “Saturday Blogwhoring Thread

  1. i already posted funeral pics from my 98 yr old great-aunt’s funeral. our last WW2 generation close relative.
    maybe some estate sale stuff. i MUST finish england’s history. eventually.

  2. oooh, come by tues or mon. i’ll have pics of the 1789 scandanavian painted wardobe and other stuff. i spent 50ยข. but much to see. and BOY $$$. but mid century houses SUCK.

  3. “…mid century houses SUCK.”????
    Not as a whole – there are, well, were some really cool ones. Not that many are left in Houston – frakkin’ wrecking ball enthusiasts abound here.

  4. well, for all the nice bits in the house, it had a horrid hall and they almost always have no flow.
    victorian houses tend to suck too. but it all depends, doesn’t it.

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