Guess He Forgot To Wear A Helmet

Former NFL offensive lineman, Jon Runyan is running for Congress as a Teabagger Gooper in New Jersey.He was asked which recent decision by Johnny and the Supremes he disagreed with. His answer: Dred Scott.

Whew. I’m relieved to know that at least one teabagger is opposed to enforcing the Fugitive Slave Act. As the kids today say: Woot.

I’m glad this jackass is no relation to the great sportswriter and Noo Yawk bon vivant, Damon Runyon.Unless, that is, someone in his family had such a bad case of stupid that the O was changed to an A on this malaka’s birth certificate.

I somehow doubt that candidate Jon is capable of Runyonesque wit or repartee worthy of Dave the Dude or Nathan Detroit. He is, however, one big motherfucker. One big dumbass motherfucker even if he did play college football at Michigan. Does Bo know? Oh, Bo’s dead. Never mind.

Dred Scott indeed. I wonder if the teabaggers plan aRoger B. Taney revival.That would be a barrel of laughs…

3 thoughts on “Guess He Forgot To Wear A Helmet

  1. Well, he had an answer. Which is better than Christine O’Donnell could do.
    Bush mentioned Dred Scott, seemingly apropos of nothing, in one of the debates he had with Kerry. But his handlers told him to say that for a reason: It’s a signal to the fundies that you oppose abortion. That’s right. The fundies link a woman’s control over her hoo-ha (and associated parts) with the Fugitive Slave Act.
    But I’m sure we can find a compromise with these decent, reasonable people! We wouldn’t want David Broder to cry!

  2. Jude, you beat me to it. I’m guessing Runyan’s mention of Dred Scott was a dog whistle just like Bush’s.
    On a tangent, I think Citizens United will join Dred Scott on the list of the most infamous Supreme Court decisions. Which is to say, Citizens United is the Dred Scott of our time.

  3. So, that’s really comforting to know that the Reich-wing Conservatards think females are just the Underground Railroad running off w/our slave uteruses…(uterii?)??? WTF!??!?

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