12 thoughts on “The Little Engine of Fail

  1. Christ.!O’Dumbbell does inspire some Halloween costumes, however.
    You can dress as a witch, and go around saying “Trick or treat! I’m Christine O’Donnell, and I’m NOT a witch!” Even better with an entourage of Monty Pythonesque peasants on hand.
    OR you could dress as a clown and go as her father. Fun for the whole family!
    Me? I think I’ll be trying on an Aqua Buddha costume. Bow to me!

  2. If nothing else, watching that clip gives you this over O’Donnell’s shoulder shot that has Coons looking on intently like, “I can’t fucking believe this, but I”m not going to go insane about it. I’ll just wait my turn.” It really felt like when my 5-year-old interrupts the dinner conversation for no other reason than because she feels she needs to be part of the conversation. While exasperating, we look on with that Coons look on our faces and wait for her to finish with the idea that, well, she does want to play and she is only 5. However, The Midget isn’t running for the US FUCKING SENATE. Sigh… Fail…

  3. For all the Wisconsin people here – What the hell is going on with the Feingold-Johnson race up there? There is some local crazy shit that is just as scary as Delaware’s cuckoo bananas race.

  4. It’s true, (joe)^3. Ron Johnson is an ignorant buffoon. However, he’s not given to as many WTF moments as O’Donnell, he’s not near the NY-DC political market, he doesn’t have years of stupid remarks on tape, and, well, he’s a white guy, so he doesn’t draw the same level of scrutiny as someone who isn’t but is trying to get into national politics.
    That’s my $0.02, anyway.

  5. I guess she IS a monument to the Greatness of America.. that someone so completely stupid and ignorant could make it as far as she did.

  6. I’m not so sure that I’d say that O’Donnell isn’t running for student council.
    Her cutesy manner and total obliviousness reminds me a lot of a cackling High Schooler.

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