That’s Right, You’re Not From Texas

And neither am I but congratulations to the Texas Rangers for making the World Series. I’m glad the Yankees lost. I do hate Dallas though. My favorite cousin lives there but Dr. A and I were there for 2 weeks of Katrina exile and I hate the frakking metroplex with a fine fury. Mixmaster, my ass.

I do have a master plan: my Giants will advance and kick some red state ass. Sounds most satisfying. I do, however, love me some Lyle:

8 thoughts on “That’s Right, You’re Not From Texas

  1. …it is with the greatest and most profound sadness that I must report that, as a long-time baseball fan who draws distinct lines between politics and sports (mostly for purposes of maintaining the rapidly-shredding threads of my sanity), I must say “Go, Rangers!” I’m a AL West kind of guy as a Mariners supporter, and – having actually been watching my little black-and-white TV in my dorm room when Hank Aaron punched steroid-free homer number 715 out of the park on 8 April 1974 – I simply can’t cheer for a team that carried and supported Barry Bonds through his own stretch run to his “record”…
    Now, if it were Giants vs. Yankees, that would be a different story. No reason to be too inflexible about this stuff, eh?

  2. You can easily like the Rangers and hate Dallas at the same time. The Rangers stadium is a lot closer to Fort Worth. And nobody hates Fort Worth. OTOH, everybody hates Dallas so you have a lot of company.
    P.S. Even though the Dallas Cowboys also play near Fort Worth, it’s OK to hate them. Likewise for the University of Tesas, Notre Dame, and all Florida and Arizona teams.

  3. We ended up going to a lot of A’s games while we lived there, primarily to see the Angels when they were in town but also because it was baseball and the A’s had some young players who were fun to watch back then. Giants fans would act like they were slumming, and clueless Raiders fans would show up wearing their gear and wonder why A’s fans despise Al Davis. Riding BART to the games was fun and cheap, and we never had to pay for parking or worry about getting out of the stupid parking lot afterwards.

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