Pennsylvania 6-5000

I’m somewhat less pessimistic about the upcoming election than most Democrats. I’m starting to feel pretty good about the Senate race in Pennsylvania. Joe Sestak is an appealing candidate and I think he’ll squeak (eke?) out a win: Specter was a no-hoper as well as a lifelong malaka.

Anyway, this song is dedicated to Sestak and his people. Go out there and kick some wingnut ass, y’all:

4 thoughts on “Pennsylvania 6-5000

  1. “Specter was a no-hoper as well as a lifelong malaka.”
    Well, he tended toward the jerk end of the spectrum, yes. And yet … during the Senate’s latest era of dysfunctional obstructionism, when the sluglike visage of Ben Nelson featured prominently on the side of obstruction, and the administration and the Dem Senate leadership were left crawling (largely vainly) to President Snowe for intervention, how often did you hear about Specter bucking the official party line? Even after he was primaried out, he pretty much stayed bought. And that should probably count for something.
    Regardless, Go Sestak! Sure hope we can somehow hold PA-7, too.

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