The Giants Win The Pennant

I’ve been a lapsed baseball fan for a few years but I grew up a fanatical San Francisco Giants fan. They were my hometown team and I saw 20-30 games a season for many years. This year’s improbable champions melted my icy blue heart and I’ve fallen hard once again for my true sports love.

It’s time, however, for the Giants to win the World Series already. They’ve had so many great players and teams that many people don’t realize that they’ve never won since moving West and last won it all in 1954. 56 fucking years. That’s right: they played in the fucking Polo Grounds, it’s been that goddamn long.

Make it work, guys. Go Giants.

Finally, here’s a clip from the great but short-lived sitcomSports Night. It was Aaron Sorkin’s first great teevee show:

7 thoughts on “The Giants Win The Pennant

  1. My thoughts exactly. I think you and I must have crossed paths a few times at Candlestick. It IS about time. Taking Russ Ortiz out of Game 6 in 2002 STILL makes me mad. This HAS TO BE our year!!! GEAUX GIANTS!!!

  2. Am also pulling for the Giants in the Series. As a kid I felt bad about the Dodgers in 1951 AND once got pointedly ignored by Willie Mays while pleading for his autograph (he was with the Mets by then)…but hey, bygones, right?

  3. The fantasy continues! There is no way that the Giants catch the Padres, and hold on to win the division. But, they did. And, picking the Giants over the Braves was for fools. But, they won again. Their chances against the Phillies were somewhere between zilch and zero – I only hoped that they could stretch it out to 6 games. And, they won again.
    Now, comes the Rangers. Maybe the Giants win one game? No team that is made up of rejects, old men,and a pitching staff, can win the World Series. Remember, this is a team that still can’t decide who’s on third, let alone who’s playing shortstop. It’s time to head for Reno and put down the retirement fund, what’s left of it, on the Rangers.

  4. When my wife told me the Giants had won the pennant, I responded with my best Hodges impersonation “The Giants win the pennant! The Giants win the pennant!” and she just looked at me funny. Thanks for the video clip.

  5. I dunno, Hoppy. They have that team of destiny thing going. This team *is* jerryrigged for this season only though. They have to build a real team around Buster, Timmy, Matt Cain and Wilson. That’s a decent start.
    I think they’ll win. The Phils are a better team than the Rangers. Giants in 7.

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