American Brownshirts

The whole Lauren Valle getting stomped by a Paultard story gets weirder by the moment. The video clip I saw Tuesday night on MSNBC showed the blows (kicks?) landing harder than I previously thought. Holy concussion, Batman.

The stomper, Tim Profitt, was a Paul campaign lackey and Ms. Valle has asserted that the Paultards knew who she was. I believe her.What I don’t believe is the stomper’s ridiculous explanation for why he assaulted Ms. Valle: back pain. Talk about preposterous piffle. I have a bad back but it’s never led me to stomp anyone; especially not a woman wearing glasses and a wig. I wonder if Profitt’s next lame excuse is that he has a pathological fear of blond wigs, which caused him to commence stomping.He could call it Kim Zolciak syndrome. Fuck you, Mr. Profitt, you’re a shitbag who assaulted someone and is now trying to lie your way out of it.

This is the second time in a week that teanut goon squads have roughed someone up. This episode was particularly egregious as it involved Ms. Valle being tackled and then stomped on. The teabaggers, of course, are blaming the victim. Rand Paul’s statements have been ludicrous in attempting to blame this assault on “political passion.” Fuck you, Rand and the horse you rode in on.Someone should send this malaka dead flowers…

Rand Paul is the scariest of this year’s crop of tea party extremists. Why? He’s smart and a genuine zealot with an overweening sense of entitlement. Watching him smirk his way through the campaign has sent chills up and down my spine. I’ve come to realize that he’s George W Bush with a brain: a frat boy who reads Ayn Rand is just as dangerous as one who doesn’t read at all. The analogy is perfected when I contemplate their fathers: both Poppy Bush and Ron Paul are wrong on many issues but not terrible human beings. Their sons on the other hand…

For the last two years, we’ve had to endure the Right’s overwrought and factually impaired comparisons of Obama to Hitler. I hate Nazi analogies and *almost* never make them but the spectacle of two teabaggers assaulting a young woman outside a debate makes this an exception to that rule. The teabaggers are usually more into *threats* of violence but there’s a wildness in the air this cycle that makes me want to pass out brownshirts to Rand Paul and Joe Miller’s teathugs. Btw, Rand’s brownshirt is size extra smug…

This is America: debating, heckling, hollering and picketing one’s opponents is how the game is played during a campaign. Then, on election day we try to beat the shit out of the opposition at the polls and accept the election results even when they’re not to our liking. We do not settle our political disputes with street violence and veiled hint abouts “Second amendment solutions.” The so-called “constitutionalists” of the GOP are out to destroy everything that decent Americans hold dear. President Obama has disappointed many of us who supported him in 2008 BUT he tries to do the right thing for the country. His most extreme opponents don’t care about what’s good for the America they claim to love; all they care about is their scary brownshirty ideology. Fuck them and fuck Ayn Rand too.Atlas Shrugged, my ass.

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  1. We do not settle our political disputes with street violence and veiled hint abouts “Second amendment solutions.” The so-called “constitutionalists” of the GOP are out to destroy everything that decent Americans hold dear.
    I agree wholeheartedly Adrastos. But, when does this pseudo violence (and actual violence) from these wingnuts stop? After someone is killed? The more radical parts of their coalition have already killed doctors they don’t like. Does it stop when a more radical version of Tim Profitt blows up a government building? Unlike 1995, I suspect when that happens these people will cheer it on and call for another bombing.
    Perhaps it is time to consider fighting the fire with fire? Does our side have the mentality needed do do so? Because, I suspect the wingnuts believe we don’t. And maybe, with a bit of spine, these brownshirts in waiting will back down like the common bullies that they are.

  2. Surely Ms Valle was simply exercising her right to place herself in harm’s way, i.e. protesting at a Rank Paul event. She had to know that she would be chased, knocked down, and kicked. Who would have thought otherwise given the current state of US political discourse? The bitch had it coming…
    The hue and cry against such behaviour is deafening in its overwhelming silence. No one seems to care that we’re heading in the direction of a state such as Iran which will gladly send its goons out to intimidate, beat, and arrest people with the temerity to protest injustice.
    I guess, to paraphrase Christine O’Donnell, “We are them.”

  3. A Rank Paul “event”? It was a debate between Paul and his opponent. So of course supporters of both sides were going to be there, as they had a perfect right to be.

  4. Ol’ George had their number way back in the day:
    “If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face, forever.” –George Orwell

  5. “…both Poppy Bush and Ron Paul are wrong on many issues but not terrible human beings. Their sons on the other hand…”
    The fact that their sons are moral monsters does not reflect well on them.

  6. If that protester had been my wife or daughter, or even a friend or student of mine, and had I been there, that fucking redneck would have been in the hospital to have his nuts removed from his sinus cavities. I would never advocate starting violence, but I am absolutely committed to protecting my family and friends from vicious assaults. Fighting fire with fire? How about standing up and knocking these fuckers down. They think they can get away with it because we won’t fight back. I won’t throw the first punch, but if one of these fuckers wants to take me on…well, they better not be hoping for a fair fight. In the words of the great philosopher, “I’m here to kick ass and chew bubble gum, and I’m all out of bubble gum.”

  7. The attack itself is ugly, but adding insult to injury is the way Paul and the other tea bagger organizations/candidates dance around the issue of violence, as if a full-throated denunciation would somehow be seen as weak.
    This is a VERY dangerous road they’re taking us down, all in the name of short term political gain…and it’s a goddamned shame and indictment of the media for not looking more closely at this but instead allowing the “they said, they said” narrative to become the story…

  8. Just because George H. W. Bush had a veneer of civility is no reason to think that he was any less terrible than his son. Don’t forget that it was the elder Bush who managed to skate away from Iran-contra, leaving everyone to think it was all on Reagan and somehow the VP who’d been head of the CIA was “out of the loop”.

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