10 thoughts on “Speaking Of Brownshirtery

  1. Could only watch the first half minute or so, but god, he looks creepy. Almost like he’s wearing a David Duke Halloween mask, which, come to think of it, would make for a pretty scary costume…

  2. Great Irony, the couple of notes of music at the start of video are from Beethoven’s 9th. The one with the great hymn which strongly features the brotherhood of mankind.

  3. Wonder if he has figured out that Hispanics are indirectly European (as in Spain)?

  4. Just looking at the still and not even PLAYING the YouTube creeps me out…but then again, for me as a Jewish broad, any former Klansman is freaking creepy.

  5. @pansypoo:
    “shaved his beard and the rest of his face tanned? it does look bad.”
    Is that what it is? I was trying to figure out what was happening with the lower half of his face. I thought maybe he was trying to let the beard grow back in, but that the stubble was coming in all white.
    (Heheheheh… “all white.”)
    Whatever it is, the guy just looks bizarre. He must have gotten addicted to plastic surgery after he got his face fixed in the 90s. It’s time to give it a rest. The muscles in it don’t move anymore.
    And of course, he’s still same toxic neo-nazi racist pig that he always was. What a vile creature.

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