Guys? Only Dick Cheney can be Dick Cheney

All you other Dick Cheneys are just imitating.

Tim Profitt — the former Rand Paul volunteer who stomped on the head of a MoveOn activist —told told local CBS station WKYT that he wants an apology from the woman he stomped and that she started the whole thing.

“I don’t think it’s that big of a deal,” Profitt said. “I would like for her to apologize to me to be honest with you.”

“She’s a professional at what she does,” Profittadded, “and I think when all the facts come out, I think people will see that she was the one that initiated the whole thing.”

What a fucking cesspool this guy’s head is. I mean, who does that? She’s a professional at what she does? Making you look like a complete fucktard? You don’t need a pro for that, slick. You’s doin’ just fine on your own. All what facts will come out? That she paid you $100 to throw her down and stomp on her head? Because unless she did exactly that, there’s pretty much no way you come out of this NOT looking like a total douchecanoe.

“Bitch made me do it” isn’t even an original defense. God.


9 thoughts on “Guys? Only Dick Cheney can be Dick Cheney

  1. Classic wingnut – nothing is too outrageous, preposterous, or shameless. They know they can say whatever fact-free, reality-free BS they want and the librul media will repeat it in an effort to present Both Sides.Voilà! – it’s part of the “dialogue”, just one of many possible interpretations or viewpoints.
    The “bitch made me do it” crap is just priceless coming from the Party of Personal Responsibility.

  2. Bitch made me do it.
    It’s all her fault.
    She was askin’ for it.
    She had it coming to her.
    I don’t know. I think he has convinced me. It’s just got to be her fault for lying down on the ground and asking to be stomped on.

  3. He’s hoping he’ll get a prosecutor like Ken Buck and that the “she was askin’ for it” defense will prevail…

  4. If he goes to trial he is so screwed. Any prosecutor who wants to win this case has so much lack of remorse to point to.

  5. This is why Taibbi calls the teabaggers narcissists. Seriously. I’ve worn pairs of Chuck Taylors that were capable of more self-reflection.

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