2 thoughts on “WWTFUS: better not to light that fire

  1. I think we have polar opposite tastes in music. I listened to Undertow a few weeks ago and it did absolutely nothing for me. (This is a “different strokes” comment, not a “you don’t know anything about music” one.)
    I’m currently diggingProblems, so feel free to bag on it. No reason it only has to go in one direction.

  2. No offense taken, Dan. And thanks for bringing up Murder Mystery. I have some emusic credits left and they are on a list of bands whose stuff I have been meaning to download. A friend gave me a mix with one of their tunes on it – I don’t remember the name of the song but I liked it.
    As for Warpaint, I don’t find them all that accomplished, I just think this new stuff is a good combination of pretty and spacy, a combination I’m partial to.

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