Malaka Of The Week: Gawker

It’s time for the insomniac edition of the malaka of the week, which means it’s gonna be short. I was wired from the Giants taking a 2-0 lead in the World Series and watching Charlie Melancon trounce Bitter Vitter in a debate. It’s just a pity he didn’t grow a pair earlier: he won the battle but is going to lose the war.

Now where was I? Oh yeah, malakatude. There’s a lot to choose from this week but I’m tired of kicking teabagger ass so I turned my attention to the trulyhorrendous story at Gawker about some dude’s alleged tryst with Christine O’Donnell.It reads like a crappy, cheesy-n-cheap soft core porn novel. The one detail I enjoyed was the image of O’Donnell in a lady bug costume.

The whole thing made my skin crawl, which is malakatude by definition. I’m also a bit skeptical about the story: it actually mademe feel sorry for a past MOW “winner” whom I love to mock.Several people I follow on the Tweeter Tube are wondering if it’s for real and, if not, who planted it: the O’Donnell camp so we feel sorry for her? Did Gawker make it up themselves or were they hoaxed? It is, of course, silly enough to be a true tale of the wingnut cupcake from Delaware. BUT the mere fact that I’m so dubious of the whole thing is enough to make the gossipy and sleazy folks at Gawker, malaka (malakas?) of the week.

5 thoughts on “Malaka Of The Week: Gawker

  1. Well, wouldn’t Cougar and Mama Grizzly be metaphors along the same line?
    I don’t know what to think. Obviously, this could be a false accusation. It is believable but it has to be or it wouldn’t be a good slander.
    The pictures sure look like O’Donnell to me and definitely older than college age – perhaps in the 30s. Even without the story, the pictures seem to strongly rebut the image of the morally pure O’Donnell.
    And I’ve got to love the line, rather true or not, that it isn’t sex if you’re naked in bed together but don’t penetrate. Although this could esaily be an attempt to draw dems to say something so the repubs can quote Clinton.

  2. The whole thing sounds kinda like a male fantasy: she saw me for 5 minutes and had to have me. I dislike the fact that it has backfired and made her vaguely more sympathetic. Who among us doesn’t like lady bugs?

  3. I’m no fan of Christine O’Donnell, and I think she’s batshit crazy, but I have to agree the Gawker article was disgusting.
    And while it may sound stuffy and old-fashioned, the tattler who told this tale was unchivalrous–especially that comment about “no wax job.” People used to have the consideration to keep the details of their intimate encounters to themselves, and not to use those details to hurt or embarrass others.
    But hey, chivalry is long dead in a culture where tell-all, snark, boorishness, and “attitude” are the most admired qualities…

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