A good night for Hippies…

…as theGiants won the World Series with former President Beavis looking on but tomorrow looks bleak. My fingers are crossed thatNate Silver’s alternative version of the wave is right but I’m not counting on it; especially sinceNate thinks it’s going to be ugly for the Dems. It’s looking like the 1989 World Series only with a figurative earthquake and not a real one. I’m not sure who to cast as Dave Stewart or Dennis Eckersley…

Anyway, when I think of pot smoking Giants fans (yeah, I smoked weed at the ‘Stick where it was really hard to do so) I think of the good old Grateful Dead. What we’re all going to need tomorrow is someGood Lovin’:

See y’all in the Crack Van. Btw, Scout is only bringing the ham if we can yak about football too. That’s fine: I can talk about terminally dim LSU Coach Les Miles bringing the stupid this Saturday against Nick Saban and Alabama. Shit, that’s almost as depressing as the election. Howzabout this: Go Saints.

7 thoughts on “A good night for Hippies…

  1. Dan says:

    Since all sports stories must circle back to my teams, I will note the following:

    The Giants last World Series win was in 1954 – against the Indians.
    LSU can do Ohio State a solid by beating Alabama, so I will be cheering for them. And by the way, your despair over your coach is unsurprising. This is what you get with Michigan alums.
    In the past two weeks the Saints have lost to the Browns and beat the Steelers. They are my second favorite team now.

  2. virgotex says:

    Since when do hippies riot in the streets and set fire to things and pull folks out of their cars and beat them? Because their team WON?

  3. Adrastos says:

    Hippies are too busy trying to find some late night stoner food to do such things…

  4. liprap says:

    It all goes back to Bill Hicks saying if everybody were smoking pot, traffic would be slower than slow, in no small part because of all the pizza delivery vehicles toting pizza around that’s being ordered up by folks with the munchies…but pot smokers on the roads would be holding up the delivery vehicles, and Domino’s especially would lose out because they would have to abide by their 30 minute guarantee…

  5. BlackSheep01 says:

    The Rangers don’t belong to W or any of his cronies anymore. Hating on them helps nobody.

  6. Adrastos says:

    I’m a lifelong Giants fan, Black. I’m more pro-Giants than anti-Rangers. I like Wash a lot.

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