Crawling From The Wreckage

I hate it when the inside the beltway pundits get the big picture right but they did this time around. The night was so shitty that the Crack Van kept careening off the road, ejecting people and not letting anyone else in. I was one of the few who didn’t get bumped but I was the first one in and drove until Athenae took the wheel. Sorry to all the regulars who weren’t able to cram inside. Misery does indeed love company and that was us last night.

A few scattered and marginally coherent observations about a grim night:

10% unemployment and stagflation made it impossible for the Dems to do better. Also the lack of a cohesive message from a party that had a very strong NATIONAL MESSAGE in 2006 and 2008 killed Democratic chances to minimize losses. WTF happened to the awesome Obama team from 2008? They clearly lost their mojo and need to retool instead of being tools…

I was *really* sorry that Russ Feingold and Joe Sestak lost their Senate races. Feingold has been an oustanding Progressive Senator for 3 terms but got dragged down by the wave. Sestak challenged and beat Arlen Spector and then ran an excellent campaign but lost a squeaker. In any other political environment, Sestak would have won. I’m sure we haven’t heard the last of Mr. Sestak. I certainly hope not.

What really hurts is the thought of Speaker Boner instead of Pelosi. I’m one of Nancysmash’s biggest fans and she was one of the few elected Dems who understood that, although the Bushies shat in the national hat, the Dems owned the fucked up economy. It’s unfair but that’s life.

I’m glad Harry Reid survived BUT happier than Sharron Angle lost. The return of Jerry Brown to the California governorship was much better news, which along with the world champion San Francisco Giants gives me something good to hold on to.

I’m also glad that the Dems retook the Louisiana Second but I’m not crazy about my new Congresstool Cedric Richmond who is a bit of a malaka. Bitter Vitter’s landslide victory was predictable in ight of the horrendous campaign waged against him by nice guy Conservadem Charlie Melancon who lived up (down?) to Leo Durocher’s axiom: nice guys finish last.

We should start a pool at First Draft as to how long it will take for the establishment Goopers to betray and neutralize the extremists they elected. Senator Rand Paul is a scary thought BUT he’s no worse than Jim Bunning other than not having an effective strike out pitch…

I think we’re in a period of volatility in House elections. This was the biggest gain for one party since 1948 when the Dems retook the House from the GOP who had taken it in 1946. They promptly lost their majority to the GOP and didn’t regain it until 1954. The Democrats had 40 years in the majority in the House followed by the Republicans for 12 years. Those days appear to be over. I think the House will swing back and forth more like the Senate in the immediate future. That’s some solace on this ashen Wednesday. All of us need to startCrawling From The Wreckage:

11 thoughts on “Crawling From The Wreckage

  1. Sestak losing hurt me to the core. That’s my district. I apologize for all the fuckmooks in PA. Toomey ran a race filled with hatred and fear and the old folks here bought it.

  2. Kicking Obama seems to be overkill right now, but if ever someone deserved kicking it is him. But, enough of that.
    The next two years the conservatives will rule. They now own the House, and with the blue dogs, they own the Senate. Given that Democrats lack the balls to filibuster everything in the Senate, we effectively have Repub majorities in both houses.
    Tonight, Obama “speaks to the nation”. A preview: he looks forward to working with a conservative Congress, no longer having to give even lip service to liberals. Social Security is now on the agenda, as is Medicare – both for being watered down to avoid having to tax the rich. Iran’s days without war are limited. Obama will now be able to preside over the “bipartisan” Congress he so wanted.
    In 2012, as these disasters unfold, the voters will blame the Democrats.

  3. @Hoppy: Not sure what will happen but it’s just as likely to be a repeat of 1996 as your scenario. It all depends on the economy.

  4. “WTF happened to the awesome Obama team from 2008?”
    Answer: They got their asses Rahmmed with an Axelrod.
    And then there is Citizens United… I’m hoping you sharp ones can work on that ruling for me as my brain flays about in angst-filled pusillanimity.
    Sorry to see Feingold go. I really liked him. But at least he took the time to mentor Franken who is turning out to be a bull dog hard worker on basic Senate operations.
    To have seen the Witch O’Donnell, Haint Angle and Crone Meg fall leaves me with closeted hope that perchance this is not the Year of the Handmaiden’s Tail.
    Plus, I’ve always enjoyed Jerry Brown. He did a great job as the youngest CA Governor, turned Oakland around as mayor and now seems ready for a re-match as the states oldest elected governor. He ran a great campaign the way Progressive Democrats used to y’know?
    Cedric Richmon? I’m hoping Letten follows our American Zombie and thus we shall see Cedric become Jefferson’s girlfriend up the river.

  5. Was just gonna say: Cedric is abit of a malaka? If there’s a malaka block, Richmond is a larger-than-average chip off it.

  6. Nice job voting for Jefferson Jr. But hey, he’s a Democrat, right? That’s all that counts.

  7. Keep voting for crappy Democratic candidates in the 2nd District and that’s all we’ll ever get.

  8. You wound think that O’Donnell won rather than lost listening to her “concession” speech. Coons is a good man. Voter turnout was high here in DE and that’s usually a good sign for progressives.
    Sorry about Grayson in FL, too. The teapartier who beat him is one scary critter.

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