Christie: Fuck Teachers, We’re Taking Them Out

Jersey, what the hell with this guy:

“These teachers have all summer off. Can’t they have their convention during the summer?’ the governor said as he spoke to a clutch of high schoolers surrounding him.

“They got to get two days off from school because, you know, they don’t get enough time off now, right? They get two weeks off at Christmas, they get all the different holidays, then they get all the summer off and now they need two more days.

“Why do you think that is? Do you think If they cared about learning where would they be today?’

Ashley Batts, 16, a Trenton Central High School sophomore answered “in school.’

“That’s right, in school, baby, they would not be down there in Atlantic City having a party — because that’s what it is.’

Demonizing the teachers and their unions is a favorite Republican trick and honestly, it always just comes across as petulant to me, like, where the hell is MY parade? Where’s MY two-month “vacation,” where’s MY pension? Fucko, if you want it that bad, then BECOME A TEACHER, and work 90 hours a week for 10 months of the year dealing with all manner of psycho parents and needy little niblets, instead of sitting on your ass in a pile of Cheeto dust for 7.5 hours per day and then complaining about your aches and pains.

Also, as the commenters at ONTD point out, he’s calling a 16-year-old “baby.” Yick.


14 thoughts on “Christie: Fuck Teachers, We’re Taking Them Out

  1. Also, wtf does he mean if theteachers cared about learning? If Christie gave a shit about learning, he’d abandon his support for vouchers (which have proven negative effects on school infrastructure and kid learning), as well as for merit pay (which is expensive, and has no effect) and charter schools (which are a front for union-busting, and have at best no effect).
    As it is, all he’s doing is demonstrating that his grasp of the U.S. educational system is exactly as sophisticated as that of his 16-year-old interlocutor.

  2. The lizard brain tells me to say that the good people of NJ elected this clown, so go suck on it, except my rational side says that it would do nothing but contribute to the death spiral into totalitarianism and despair.
    That being said, the good people of NJ elected this clown, so…

  3. What a pathological son-of-a-bitch. As if Christie actually does anything that could be considered “work.”
    And sorry to go all Godwin’s law, but accusations of laziness or shiftlessness were the same lies used to justify racial discrimation back in the day and are close enough to the “rootless cosmopolitan” anti-Semitism slur — in other words, same hate, just different targets.

  4. nice compassionate logic CVS. So for the eight years Bush held us hostage, if I’d told you to go suck on it because you were an American and Americans elected that dipshit…

  5. Hmm…I am guessing the business owners down there in Atlantic City are mighty happy to have some business from those lazy-ass teachers.
    Christie is a fuckwit supreme.

  6. Oh, yeah, and apparently he was one of the US Attorneys who routinely overspent his limit on expenses. Talk about privileged.

  7. Am I the only one who watched the video of Chris Christie speaking to the high school students and immediately thought Jon Favreau in Swingers?

  8. Hi Virgotex, you’re right, of course. Lizard brain got a hold of me there for a minute. My mammal brain hopes that the good people of NJ come to their senses and toss this joker out on his ear.

  9. It’s not just a Republican trick, the teacher bashing. Sure, this guy needs to have his insides reamed out with a Roto-Rooter, but so do all the folks who persist in treating teaching as only a couple of steps higher than, say, working in a tannery.

  10. Do you think If they cared about learning where would they be today?
    Maybe he’s just pissed at teachers because he still doesn’t know how to form a coherent sentence. Must be the teachers’ fault, because it could not possibly come from an innate stupidity.
    And he apparently failed math and economics, too. Remember how he was saving the state all that money by not approving the new Hudson River tunnel project? Meh, not so much — the cancellation will actually COST the state $271 million.

  11. as a teacher, all i can say is “right on!”
    (well, i can also extend an invitation to gov. christie to spend some time in my classroom full of moderately cognitively disabled students while i try to bring some order to new jersey’s problems. we’ll see who has all their marbles after a week or so.)

  12. Well, when you do nothing but bash and denigrate teachers, pay them dirt and then bitch about the work they do, is it any wonder no one wants to teach? And that our kids is learnin’ not so gud?
    Funny, both my ILs are retired teachers. And die hard Republicans at that!

  13. I have to admit, though, I’ve wondered the same thing. Why isn’t the convention the week before school starts or something, instead of during the school year, where too much time already is spent on fripperies like phy ed.

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