All I’m Gonna Say About Bush’s Book: Kanye Was Wrong

Or rather, not wrong, but reductive.

George Bush doesn’t care about ANYBODY.


ps. Okay, one more thing: Fuck everyone for going along with this crap. The people having this cretin on TV and listening to him wax philosophical about his decision to quit drinking (yeah, I’m looking at you, Matt Lauer, letting him get away with saying he wasn’t an alcoholic, he was a “drinker”) and how he’s really sorry he looked like an asshole that one time are EXPLICITLY HELPING HIS CAUSE and I have no patience for it. Decent people should turn away from this man in the street. He should be shunned. Hell, he should be in chains, but I’ll settle for a significant portion of society simply refusing to allow him in their homes. I get maybe you think interviewing him, you’ll get to be the one who finally shames him to self-awareness, but if THOUSANDS OF DEAD PEOPLE haven’t managed to do it, what chance does some TV hairdo have? God.

13 thoughts on “All I’m Gonna Say About Bush’s Book: Kanye Was Wrong

  1. You can’t reason with a sociopath, nor even understand one unless you are a sociopath yourself. You just have to realize they are crazy and never put them in a position where they can hurt anyone but themselves.
    However, given that our society routinely and outlandishly rewards sociopathic behavior, I’m beginning to wonder if we’re not the crazy ones 🙂

  2. I even got impatient with Maddow last night. She of course made a rock hard case pointing out the revisionism both in the book and in the critical reception of it. But it doesn’t matter.
    The truth, the facts, do.not.matter. Decent people WILL turn away of course.
    But decent people do not matter in their overall scenario.
    It’s really that simple. Not a fuck is given.

  3. I keep telling people: Kanye was wrong, Killer Mike was right. I’m gonna cue up “That’s Life” right now.

  4. Corporate media will continue to give Junior a free ride, because he was the ultimate corporate tool president. The only reason they didn’t try to push the Reaganesque-coat-of- Teflon/but-he’s-personally-popular line is that he was so clearly unpopular…which isn’t surprising, considering he had and still has the child-of-entitlement, spoiled-brat frat boy personality down to a T…well, that, and the fact that he was clearly a fuck-up, in way over his head and out of his league.
    That said, hard core wingers still can’t resist swooning over his codpiece moments. Go figure.
    But what really frustrates me is how the Rethugs managed to scrub off the Shrub stench, or at least mask it with some heavy industrial (Tea Party) perfume, so quickly…then again, it didn’t hurt to have their corporate media lackeys helping push this charade.
    Because Molly Ivins, and I miss her more than ever, was right: you needed to tie Bush to the Republiclowns just like you tie a dead chicken to the neck of the dog that killed it…

  5. A. that has been exactly my reaction. When he was interviewed by what’s his name on TV last night I just left the room to get away from the stench. I just hope that before I die some nation will arrest the SOB and try him for approving torture. The Geneva Conventions require that those who ratified those conventions do just that. That Obama lacks the balls to do it is one of my major disappointments about him.

  6. right there with ya, hoppy.
    in fact I think that is my biggest single gripe with the current administration — not only didn’t it prosecute w, it didn’t make a clean break with his policies / bureaucratic appointees.

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