First Draft Warmth Project: We’re From The Internet. We’re Here to Help.

Or something along those lines is what I told the Evergreen Park folks this morning when I dropped off 30-plus coats, heavy sweaters, fleecy things, warm fuzzies and all, at the Evergreen Park Community Center, along with a check for$360 for the village food pantry. According to the folks doing intake, that’ll be enough to buy food worth 16 times that. Their coat drive ended well, too, despite its rocky beginnings: 300-plus coats. The newspaper story that inspired us inspired a lot of other people to dig through their closets and find room to make others warm.

Coats. LOTS of coats. There were coats in the back seat, too. My house looked like the Burlington Coat Factory crossed with that Hoarders show. It was awesome.

One of the things I really admire about all of you is that faced with the opportunity to despair, you pick up and work. You find something to do. You hammer away on your part of the world and make it into a new shape. Don’t ever think that’s nothing. You gave a lot of people a warm holiday today. Thank you all.


6 thoughts on “First Draft Warmth Project: We’re From The Internet. We’re Here to Help.

  1. This was one of the most awesome things I’ve been a part of. I kept looking through closets for just one more coat. Seeing them (and yes, I can see a couple of the ones I ponied up) in the back of that car just makes me smile.
    On the downside, I sent several Wisconsin Badger coats to Illinois, so I might be contributing to someone getting their ass kicked at school, but I’m sure we’re all willing to take that risk… 🙂
    Thanks for putting this together, A. You really are something.

  2. Yay FD’rs!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Warm bods and full tummies! 🙂 Helping our fellow Americans when the folks in Congress won’t lift a finger! 🙂

  3. Not having the time or money to drive to Athanae’s house, I donated three coats last week to the Toledo Area Easter Seals monthly pickup. Just in time as the temperature is dropping like a stone here.

  4. Good on all the FDers for getting in gear for this. Sorry I missed it, but it means I’ll be cleaning out my own closet to give some stuff to local spots that are collecting clothes. Stuff I haven’t worn much of since my NYC days will be perfect.

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