Leslie Nielsen, R. I.P.

As someone who cut his teeth on the Marx Brothers, Monty Python and the early Mel Brooks films, I’m a big fan of silly absurdist comedy. That’s why last weekend’s news of the passing of Leslie Nielsen saddened me. There’s been a mock debate raging as to which of Nielsen’s roles or films were the best. I’m an unabashed Naked Gun/Frank Drebbin fan myself.

Last night on Countdown, Keith Olbermann did an outstanding piece on the passing of the deadpan and irreplaceable Mr. Nielsen:


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5 thoughts on “Leslie Nielsen, R. I.P.

  1. You have to see Men With Brooms and the episodes of Due South in which Nielsen appeared. Canadian comedic gold. I loved that man.

  2. Yes! Thank you, The Bobs. Police Squad is the best TV comedy that ever got shot down after four episodes! Anyone who likes the Naked Gun series, check out the original. There are usually like fifteen jokes a minute, half of them visual. And Leslie Nielsen (RIP) rocks in them.

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