Where have you gone, Wayne Bordelon?

I thought that I was a fish out of water when I came to Louisiana. Then, I began to appreciate the glorious weirdness of the Gret Stet and its denizens. (I love the word denizen and rarely get a chance to use it.)

Anyway, I had a good friend in college who was from Acadiana: Opelousas to be precise. His name was (you guessed it) Wayne Bordelon. He knew every back road in South Louisiana and loved to play native guide. His mission was to convince me that Louisiana is every bit as weird-albeit in a different way-as my home state of California. He succeeded: I’m still in the Gret Stet and Wayne is partially to blame for that. Alas, I lost touch with Wayne after matriculating (see denizen comment above.)

Wayne was also a die-hard Springsteen fan and we were wont to cruise about Acadiana with the big ass E Street Band Live set blasting on the cassette deck. Our theme song was Darlington County.Why? Because the sidekick in the song was named Wayne. We, however, were not from New York City and we rarely had $200 but we did like to rock all night.

So, Wayne if you’re out there and see this, stalk me here or on Facebook. I suspect that you considered me *your* sidekick and maybe I *was* Little Steven to your Boss. I have Steve’s high intellectual forehead and occasionally have an uncontrollable urge to change my name to Silvio and head to Bada-Bing but I would never ever disrespect da Bing. It’s what got Joey Pants whacked, after all.

Okay, enough with theSopranos references. It’s time for the Boss and his sidekick circa 1985, Nils Lofgren:

One thought on “Where have you gone, Wayne Bordelon?

  1. Hope you find him. The back roads of the Gret Stet can be, well, interesting. I remember forgetting that when I moved back here from Wisconsin — up there, the byways are all farm roads that lead to the market. Down here, trying to avoid morning rush in BR, I got off the highway…and the next thing I knew I was in French Settlement, which isn’t where you want to be when your destination is New Iberia…

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