9 thoughts on “War on Christmas Escalates

  1. $399.99
    I can get tacky and idolatrous a hell of a lot cheaper than that.
    Fortunately, guns will be cheap and plentiful in our nation, so when I’ve had enough, I can request to be shot with every expectation that it will happen in a timely manner.

  2. I’m Catholic, so idolatry is kind of where I LIVE, which is why this shit offends me so much.
    You’re gonna worship idols and end up in hell, you do it with some class.

  3. I think I want to buy one of those trees and then decorate it with Stars of David and crescent moons–maybe string some Tibetan prayer flags around it and hang some Hindu gods on it, too. Make their War on Christmas heads EXPLODE.

  4. Love your comment A.
    But can anyone tell me where to get some truck nuts to put on the tree?

  5. They’ve un-Christianed themselves right there — that’s akitschmas tree…

  6. And I love how on their website they feature ALL MANNER of things “Christmas” that are Red & Green and ever so, how you say…STOLEN FROM THE PAGAN RELIGIONS. I wanna put the Pantheon back in Yuletide…but that “Yule-PANTHEON-tide” just looks silly – I’ll stick to Yuletide, my Gods & Goddesses are with me everyday, I don’t need to fret over making sure everyone else worships as I do.
    Frak the buy-bull thumpers that are TRULY missing the message of peace, love and helping each other out through tough times.

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