Changing Everything

Oh, the Tea Party:

So Chris Matthews asks his guests this week-end who should be TIME’s Man of the year. A couple of them pick Julian Assange, but Andrea Mitchell had another nomination:

ANDREA MITCHELL: I’m not going to say Julian Assange. I would say because of the midterm elections, the House going Republican, the Senate not going Republican, the Tea Party. They’ve changed the debate on deficit reduction. They’ve got, you’ve got Ron Paul now in charge of monetary policy from the House. They have changed politics for now in Washington.

All on their own. They changed politics. It just happened. It wasn’t an army of publicists, and it wasn’t relentless news coverage, and it wasn’t that a large group of Republicans is automatically due attention that a large group of, say, anti-war protesters couldn’t PAY for. They changed politics all on their own.

I was onVirtually Speaking last night (sorry for not giving a heads-up, but was preoccupied with a snowpocalypse and a batch of chocolate meringues) and one of the things we got to talking about was the Invisible Press Rules that exist whereby one thing to say (keep government out of my Medicare!) is acceptable and another thing (we can’t afford two wars) isn’t and nobody writes it down anywhere. And everybody acts like these rules just ARE, and haven’t been made up by people with an interest in any type of viewpoint whatsoever.

Which drives me absolutely bonkers, because I am all about the rules and regulations and if I don’t know what they are, I can’t follow them nor figure out how to circumvent them, and neither can anybody else.


10 thoughts on “Changing Everything

  1. . . if I don’t know what they are, I can’t follow them nor figure out how to circumvent them, and neither can anybody else.
    Exactly. A little anarchy is a small price to pay to keep the rabble out.

  2. That is one of the red flags for recognizing an abusive relationship, right there.

  3. The whole right wing thing should really be referred to as the class war battlefield. The Repubs only exist to funnel money into the bank accounts of the top 1% or fewer, who actually pretty much own our country now. Once the ultra wealthy get all they want from the Repubs, the Repuubs will be dropped like the ignoramuses they are. Can you imagine anyone in “high society” ever inviting a Repub to dinner? That would be a bigger faux pas than inviting the African American gardener to dinner in that circle. I mean, those people lack what it takes to even think, you know?

  4. Anyone who subscribes to Harper’s should read“The Fatal Center” in the January ’11 issue. The first couple of grafs pissed me off but then I saw where he was going with it. I can’t summarize it but just read it if you can.
    Andrea Mitchell and the rest of the pundits have been pwned by the Teanuts big time. By the way, when the Dems came in on a tidal wave in 2006, who was Time’s person of the year? According to The Great Gazoogle it was you. As in me. As in you. Us. We all laughed, as I recall. If a Tricorn hat appears on the cover this year we’ll still be laughing.

  5. It was a great show last night, Athenae. I wish I got there earlier.
    I hope that Time Magazine realizes how much it is contributing to the Death of the Media, and maybe if they take Mrs. Alan Greenspan’s nomination of the Tea Party that they will use a nice swath of fake lawn as the cover portrait.

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