Bad Cretin Santa


Jim Demint takes assholery to new, dizzying heights.

And imagine the media frenzy shitstorm that would erupt if this had been done by a Democrat.

3 thoughts on “Bad Cretin Santa

  1. Elspeth Ravenwind says:

    Yep, what day is it? Is it “ZOMG WE NEED SECYOORUHTEE NAO!!!” day? Or is it “Meh, it’s only Nukes…” Day?
    That’s so that we know if we are to slow down the nuclear arms treaty…or rush through deploying and spending ungoddessly sums of our tax monies on untested/unverified devices that irradiate the populace and/or cause legalized molestation…
    Security theater – it has the comedy and tragedy masks…

  2. pansypoo says:

    demental needs to swallow some strontium. with a depleted uranium suppository.

  3. PWL says:

    What a load. this is all political bullshit–just another excuse to delay, deny and obstruct. The safety of the world can go hang, I guess.
    If there is a God, He-or She–or Whatever–should fire a lightning bolt up Jim DeMint’s ass.

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