Happy Kerry Photo: Suck It, McConnell Edition

Actually they are this big. I had McConnell measure them after his mom and I were done.

Via Elspeth, baby, baby, baby:

This treaty has been delayed at the request of Republicans. It was delayed 13 times… to have more time to deal with the modernization issue, which the administration has completely, totally, thoroughly dealt with in good faith.I’d like to know where the good faith comes from on the other side.They [the administration] put extra money in, they sat and negotiated, they sent people to Arizona to brief Senator Kyl personally. For weeks we delayed the process of moving forward on this treaty in order accommodate our friends on the other side of the aisle.And now fully accommodated, with their requests entirely met, they come back and say ‘oh its being rushed.’Well Mr. Presidenttoday marks our sixth day of debate on the New START treaty. That’s a fact.I mean is there no shame.


4 thoughts on “Happy Kerry Photo: Suck It, McConnell Edition

  1. These people want to destroy Obama at all costs, even if it means destroying the world. And why not? If a loose nuke falls into the hands of a terrorist and a major US city gets nuked, they get to realize their dream of nonstop global warfare and perpetual 9/11.
    They really are sociopaths.

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