Done. Next?

For the record, I am happy tohave been wrong about the administration being able to overturn DADT. They earned their political capital and I hope they are able to use it to somehow chip away at the Republican majority’s brick wall next year.

Doesn’t mean we shouldn’t keep pushing, expecting more, calling them out when our gut tells us. It’s a long fight, almost certainly longer than this administration, and we can’t lose sight of the end. There are avoices clamoringthis week for anyone who everpublicly doubted Obama and the Dems, anyone on the spectrum from the “professional left” to regular joe bloggers and tweeps, to fess up about how wrong they were and to kindlySTFU from here on out and keep clapping. About the GLBT agenda, aboutSocial Security and debt, aboutindefinite detention, aboutnet neutrality. To which I say, “Fuck that shit.” Call it doubt, call it cynicism, call it analysis, call it reserving final judgment, maybe just call it public discourse, it’s part of how we define thearc of the moral universe.

Like Barney Frank said yesterday, “Two down, two to go.” That’s the spirit.