Champagne, Caviar & Dancing Dwarfs

Here’s another example of how the rich are different from you and me.And that the rich in the New Orleans metro area are frakking weird:

Once in a while a party defines a year, or vice versa. Once in a while a party defines a decade, or two.

Twenty-one years ago, Jane was born during a snowfall in New Orleans. It was only natural that Snow White would become not only an affectionate nickname for Jane, but also the theme for the glorious gallivanting in her honor that took place Dec. 23 at the family home in Old Metairie. The party still has New Orleans and Metairie social circles buzzing more than a week later.

Prospective guests received invitations delivered in silver boxes that contained mirrors designed as pages from Grimm’s fairy tale, with the debutante/birthday girl’s story woven into the familiar text: “Once upon a time in the middle of winter when the flakes of snow were falling like feathers from the sky, a little girl was born.”

That was a fine example of the breathless prose of Nell Nolan Picayune society editor and debutante buff. But she was just warming up, it gets even loonier:

As the guests arrived, and after they dispatched their cars to valet parkers who sported red bowties and beanies, they were greeted by little people dressed as the fairy tale’s dwarfs, as well as artificial snow falling from the trees. Nearby was a mirrored and tiered bar for the presentation of the select Billecart-Salmon Brut Reserve Champagne.

I wonder who played Grumpy? It’s a pity that Tony Cox of Bad Santafame wasn’t available to insult and abuse the Momus/Comus/Proteus types who attended this shebang. FYI: M/C/P are 3 of the snootiest and most hidebound Carnival krewes. You’ve gotta be born into them.

Now for the grand finale, Gambit tabloid editor Kevin Allman scanned the story for posterity:


10 thoughts on “Champagne, Caviar & Dancing Dwarfs

  1. Still think Cokey and Smarmy would have been more apt than Happy and Grumpy at said “glorious gallivanting.” Puke.

  2. This reminds me of that show on Bravo I could only watch once, where people blew tens of thousands of dollars on their kids’ Sweet Sixteen parties and, like, 8th grade graduations.
    I’m all for having a party, but that show made me want to go full metal Elvis on my TV. There IS, as it turns out, such a thing as too much money.

  3. Nope, Montag, that would be Dancing DWARFS. Copy editors at the Times-Picayune apparently having failed plurals.

  4. I’m just so happy to “sacrifice” so these folks can enjoy their big tax cut, and party like brain-damaged French lords and ladies, pre the Revolution!

  5. That was all just 10 different ways of weird.
    In conjunction with the recent adoption stupid of NYT Ross, and that I’m birth father to a kid whom could have been adopted by NO riche, it’s really fucking weird.

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